A Groom For Mama Blog Tour

Blog Tour Schedule for A Groom for Mama

Follow Catherine’s tour daily for new insights into the book and more chances to win your own eBook of A Groom for Mama.



September 6:

Chris Pavesic A Writer’s Life Release Day for A Groom for Mama!

September 6:

Catherine Castle Romance Through the Ages Pick a Date and Win an Ebook– Release Day for A Groom For Mama and Ebook Giveaway

September 7:

T.H. Hernandez Adventures in Writing Excerpt From A Groom for Mama

September 8:

Rose Allen McCauley Stories from Small Towns with Big Hearts When a Play Becomes a Book

September 9:

Jodie Wolfe Stories Where Hope and Quirky Meet How I decided to Write a Groom for Mama

September 10:

Maggie Mundy Romance with Heart Excerpt from A Groom for Mama

September 11:

Sandra M. Hart  Historical Nibbles Wedding Cake History

Sloane Taylor Sweet as Honey—Hotter than Hell Background on A Groom for Mama

September 12:

Lillian Duncan Celebrating Life, Love, Laughter and Nuptials

June Foster The Question Every Author Wants to Answer With, “Yes!”

September 13:

Sarah Ruut Fiction, Faith and Fun Interview with Catherine Castle and ebook giveaway of A Groom for Mama

Ada Brownell: God Has a Sense of Humor

September 14:

Leigh Goff Writing Enchanting Ever Afters Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd

September 15:

Nancy Fraser Notes from a Romantic’s Heart Interview with Catherine Castle

September 16:

September 17:

Carole Ann Moleti Fiction, Creative Non-fiction, and Memoir Interview with Catherine Castle

September 18:

Carol Browne Laughter—the Best Medicine

September 19:

Joanne Gudioccio On the Road to Reinvention Ten Bridal Superstitions

September 20:

Ryan Jo Summers A Soul on a Journey Ten Signs You Might be Headed for a

September 21:

Leeann Betts All Betts Are Off Are You in Your Book? and an Ebook Giveaway of A Groom for Mama

September 22:

Sara Daniel Sizzling, Irresistible Romance Spotlight on A Groom for Mama

September 23:

September 24:

Gail Kittleson  My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose and Ebook Giveaway of A Groom For Mama

September 25:

Cindy Tomamichel Sword & Pen blog Author Interview

September 26:

Susan James Second Chance Romances with a Touch of magic Author Interview

Laura Hilton Lighthouse-Academy Interview with Catherine Castle

September 27:

L.S. Young Dinner is Served—Recipe and Excerpt

September 28:

Linda Matchett  History, Mystery and Faith Talk Show Interview

September 29:

Sandra Robbins Christian Romance Southern Style Author Interview

September 30: