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I’m doing the happy dance at my house. Want to know why?

I have new bone growing in my broken shoulder and my broken foot. I’m healing!

I still have a way to go before those cracks are completely filled in, but after five weeks of being immobilized in a sling, I’ve finally been released from my cloth prison. I’m allowed to move my left arm, which means I can now reach the computer keyboard.  Now the real work to regain full mobility in my shoulder begins as PT moves from gentle hanging pendulums, to keep my shoulder from freezing up, to those lovely cane movements, pulley lifts, and overhead exercises that all recovering shoulder injury patients love…NOT! I may not love those exercises but, having shattered my right shoulder two years ago, I know the value of rehab.

It amazing how much one forgets in five weeks. I had to look up passwords that I’d previously typed in from memory. I couldn’t remember where I’d downloaded things people had sent me on my phone. After five weeks of playing the piano with only my right hand, the left hand got very rusty.  And my touch typing looks something like this—owhelkjng kioethin. Doejtgo. Iwljt.. But, all those skills should return as I continue to practice them.

I’d like to thank all my readers and followers who sent me well wishes and included me in their prayers. That means so much to me. And thanks to all the guests who so graciously agreed to have their posts moved to later dates. I’ll be in contact with you all very soon.

Beginning Monday October 4, all the blog series will resume. So, if you have a post coming up please send your information to me and we’ll get the blog rolls going again.

Thanks for your support!


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