Hello my faithful readers and followers. I’ll apologize in advance for any irregularities In this post as I’m writing it from my phone. First time I’ve ever done a post this way.

Normally, you’d see a guest author today, but Sunday I took a spill and broken my left shoulder and my left foot and hot my head in a wall in the way to the ground. Yes, I don’t do many falls simple. LOL. I have an at-risk fracture( actually 3 fractures) in the top of my humerus and I must keep the shoulder as immobilized as possible to help it heal and avoid surgery.

So, for at least in the month of September, all posts on my blog series will be suspended and rescheduled for later dates. My hope is that my healing will have progressed enough by October that I will be able to start loading the guest blogs again. The simplest things take twice as long to accomplish when you are hogtied on one side so I need to simplify life while I heal.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as I heal from another fall.
Catherine Castle.