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Welcome to A Writer’s Garden where writers who are gardeners or just love gardens will be sharing their garden and flower stories, as well as a bit about their writing. Today’s writer/gardener guest is Mary Vee talking about the sweet perfume of flowers.           Welcome Mary!

The Scent of a Flower

When I walk near a flower in its habitat, the scent captivates me. The colors are brilliant, of course, but it’s the unique scent of each flower that implants the experience in my mind. So, a wild daisy in my woodsy, country yard will have a different scent than a wild daisy in a big city, because the surrounding habitat is included in the scent.

Today as I write this post, I realize I am smelling the sweet scent of God when I smell a flower. The God who is everywhere and always present. I close my eyes or maybe gaze at the surroundings and think of Him. He made this plant and blossom and placed it here as a gift to me and gave it such a delightful scent I am prone to think of Him.

When I climbed Mt. Pilates to this Swiss Alp peak, I found these tiny yellow flowers. They stretched out, overlooking Lucerne, Switzerland far, far below. I smelled chilled, moist floral-sweet air. I have seen similar flowers since, and they remind me of this climb, this view, these low-lying clouds, the people below, and the God who created them.

In Israel near where Jesus gave the sermon on the mount, I found this bush with brilliant red leaves. From a distance they looked like flowers. I thought, what a perfect color to cause visitors to remember Jesus had stood here. I have seen poinsettias in Mexico. A similar bush with red leaves that appear to be flowers from a distance, they reminded me of this bush in Israel. Their scents differed tremendously, each reminding me of the Creator who not only spoke truth in Israel, but still speaks truth in Mexico.

In Petra, Jordan, I walked through a passage with seventy-five feet tall rocky walls. Other than the passage ahead and behind I had only a sliver of a view of the blue sky above. The area was a desert environment. With little to no rain, these plants found a way to send leaves through the cracks, their roots clinging to the rock. Their dusty, chalky scent was all I could smell. They lived far above my reach. When I smelled a similar scent, I am reminded God is here with me even in difficult or seemingly impossible times. Nothing can separate us from the Love of God.

I used the scent of flowers and gardens to help my Detective Carhill understand his client better and thereby draw the needed conclusion. I used a beautiful garden in the middle of a busy city in another book to give Liz a rest from her trials. I used a garden in another book to help Anders, who suffered from a head injury, the familiar scent needed to find his way home.

The floral scent is powerful, able to bring pleasure, security, memories, and joy. All gifts from God.

Smell a flower. Make a memory

About the Writer/Gardener:

Mary Vee’s garden used to be a well-manicured landscape until one vacation and a lot of rain encouraged the supposed weeds to flower, painting fresh colors, and leaving new scents. She has since adopted the European method of gardening, removing only the rascals that kill, like strangling vines. Mary is a drama inspirational fiction author, telling exciting stories that open windows when life closes doors.

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Justice for Elizabeth

By Mary Vee

High society woman, Elizabeth Alexander, can’t possibly fulfill her societal obligations with her husband locked in prison.

The gossipers won’t believe he is innocent. Her family’s name is at stake unless she finds the person who set up her husband.

Detective Carhill recently helped one of the Cinq Amis, Elizabeth’s dearest friends. The man kept the entire ordeal from inking the papers and solved the case quickly, as he promised. 

Elizabeth is running out of time. Unless Carhill solves the case, and soon, the Alexander family name will forever be worthless.

“Sadly, the wealthy are always presumed guilty until proven innocent. There are only seven people who believe in Phillip’s innocence. The rest are determined to destroy our family’s name with their words.” …Elizabeth Alexander
“This is killing Elizabeth. I haven’t always been the best husband. Our parents pushed our marriage when we were nothing more than young teens…Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with her.” …Phillip Alexander

Book 2 in the Detective Carhill Series. Be sure to also read “Sylvia’s Secret,” A Christmas Story, Detective Carhill Mystery Book 1

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