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Welcome to A Writer’s Garden where writers who are gardeners or just love gardens will be sharing their garden and flower stories, as well as a bit about their writing. Today’s writer/gardener guest is Judith Rolfs talking about her garden joys. Welcome, Judith!

Thanks for inviting me back to speak about my two joys – gardening and writing.  I love having guests enjoy my yard. We had 25 people for the Fourth of July and six were these precious children all under five posing for a picture in my woodland garden.

I’ve become more mindful over the years what a huge spiritual activity gardening is. My perennials remind me of God’s constant, but invisible presence in my life. In early April I see nothing in my garden but hard earth. Then, it seems a miracle when hostas begin to poke up creating the perimeter of my garden followed soon by lily of the valley. These amazing plants have survived the dark frozen earth and waited patiently to reveal their splendor again. I wait for the bursting of my day lily buds into their beautiful multi-petaled stars. Shockingly, I’ve done nothing to nurture them, they simply faithfully return. What a lesson of God’s faithfulness this is.

The challenge for me is always in the waiting period until the season for growth begins.

My problem with book writing patience is similar. I often want to rush things. When I finish the first draft of a book I decide I’m done before the essential second and third draft, and a professional editing. I’ve had to learn to wait and go through the process. Literally ten drafts of my latest children’s book Mystery of the Silver Shells were needed! Book Three in the series adventures of Tommy Smurlee & Grella Weller I wrote for kids eight and up trying to make sense of the world. Figuring out who they are, what they like, what they can do, what’s right and good, what’s not. It’s a fun mystery mixed with fantasy – kids create amazing inventions. As a marriage and family counselor I hope my books help parents transmit good values. I also want children to experience the joy of creativity and develop their imaginations. I love it when my young readers tell me they want to try to write their own book after they read a Tommy Smurlee book.

I get my inspiration for both gardening and writing by walking the path around Lake Geneva daily and observing the fantastic gardens. I found this cute bear on my walk the other day. I ponder that gardeners are privileged to participate with God in bringing beauty to the world! And we Christian writers also have the joy of communicating His beautiful truth to make the world a better place.

About the Writer/Gardener:

On Judith’s YouTube channel you can find Marriage and Parenting tips plus Judith reading short stories to children from her modern fairy tales book Unforgettable Stories for Kids.

Her Amazon Author page reveals what an eclectic author she is: five star mystery novels, marriage and family how-to books and her Tommy Smurlee/Grella Weller children’s books.

Mystery of the Silver Shells

 By Judith Rolfs

It’s the popular Adventures of Tommy Smurlee fantasy series! Fun, intrigue, and danger await Tommy, Grella, and friends at the amazing Dunster’s Camp of Mystery and Inventions. Campers compete to create inventions and solve the Mystery of the Silver Shells. A battle of good versus evil rages. Unique imaginative activities fill each day with wonder! Struggles must be overcome and lessons learned, as friendships deepen at Dunster’s.

The characters are unique and lovable. Bug-loving Grella Weller with a gentle heart and a mind like Einstein; Tommy Smurlee, fascinated with numbers and geography, craves physical and mental challenges; huge Piney, with his dogged, strength are major characters. Minors include Blake driven to be first in everything and Quid, his fun-loving, intense stepbrother who can’t sit still. Toodle, small for his age, but mighty in mind, alternately cowers, then surges with bravery. Orson Gartini, filled with self-absorption is attracted to evil. The Sunmaker is the supernatural force of good and Dagta, force of evil.

Available at Amazon