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Welcome to Wednesday Writers! Today’s guest author is Sara Nicole who has a cheeky interview between the characters from her Speculative Fiction/Fantasy The Legend of Kiwaft: Silvyn’s Tale. Welcome, Nicole!

            Dear friends, please allow me to introduce you to Silvyn, a carefree, fun-loving, slightly narcissistic merman of the wondrous undersea city known as Coralae within the realm of Kiwaft. Joining him will be the land-dwelling beauty with the unique purple eyes, Graiceyl (pronounced gray-sill) of Vailyx of the Kiwaftian highlands. They’re here to talk about Silvyn’s Tale, the first novel in the epic fantasy series The Legend of Kiwaft.

Silvyn: I’m not sure what you mean by “slightly narcissistic.”

Graiceyl: Yeah, I think we can leave off the “slightly.”

Silvyn: That’s not what I meant! That’s not true, either!

Graiceyl: Ha! You know you’re in love with your own tail.

Silvyn: I’ll have you know that a golden tail like mine is not very common among my people, and you have to admit it is spectacular. Not compared to your eyes, of course. They’re like jewels, like amethysts. Your hair is like-

Graiceyl: That’s enough sweet talk. Why don’t you talk about how we met?

Silvyn: I’d rather not.

Graiceyl: I’ll start. Your friends abducted me, and you joined them in bullying me…

Silvyn: Do we have to talk about this?

Graiceyl: …and nearly drowned me…

Silvyn: But then I saved your life!

Graiceyl: You put it in danger in the first place!

Silvyn: I saved you from that shark!

Graiceyl: That’s true. You were very brave.

Silvyn: And strong.

Graiceyl: That was the first time I kissed you.

Silvyn: A memory I cherish. Your lips are more dulcet than all the women’s in Coralae.

Graiceyl: You would know.

Silvyn: I’ve changed!

Graiceyl: I know. Truth be told, you’re a walking miracle.

Silvyn: Wow! Well, thank you. I think you mean a swimming miracle, but I can walk too.

Graiceyl: Living proof that no one is too far lost.

Silvyn: Thanks… I think.

Graiceyl: Kanna, our Creator, transformed you completely. You went from being the man who kissed me without permission and once slapped me-

Silvyn: You slapped me first!

Graiceyl: You deserved it!

Silvyn: I know I did. I didn’t really mean to slap you back. It just sort of happened. My moral compass didn’t exactly point north back then. I’m sorry.

Graiceyl: Point north? You didn’t even have a moral compass back then! But I forgave you already. Like I started to say, you went from that to being the first man I ever trusted.

Silvyn: That means more to me than all the jewels in the Nevaltasha Ocean and beyond. I mean it. I can’t take credit, though. It was all Kanna’s doing.

Graiceyl: Like I said, you’re a living miracle.

Silvyn: Well, Kanna sure used you a lot to make it happen. You wrecked my life, you know!

Graiceyl: Just remember, it was you and your friends who abducted me in the first place.

Silvyn: Oh, but you’re the one who showed up unannounced-

Graiceyl: I think we’re giving too much away.

Silvyn: Fine. I’m just saying, if you’d really wanted to be rid of me, you could have left me alone.

Graiceyl: Then who would have taken me swimming? You can’t blame me for wanting to swim with a merman.

Silvyn: Which brings us back to my magnificent tail. Confess, you think it’s marvelous, too.

Graiceyl: I’ll confess you’re a guppy!

Silvyn: Bully!

Graiceyl: Ha ha! Sorry, friends – little inside joke there. I hope you’ll read our love and adventure story in The Legend of Kiwaft: Silvyn’s Tale! It has a twist ending!

Silvyn: What happened to not giving too much away? Thanks for having us, friends! I hope you’ll enjoy reading about how a purple-eyed highlander turned my life inside-out and upside-down!

Graiceyl: And enjoyed doing it! Take care!

The Legend of Kiwaft: Silvyn’s Tale

by Sara Nicole

The land of Kiwaft is more than what it seems. Within the mundane is magic, and among the ordinary are those with secrets, some that may metamorphose an entire world. Judge not the destiny of a person by its beginnings. Believe in change. Remember above all else, the truth is revealed in the eyes.

In the labyrinthine depths of the ocean called Nevaltasha lives a race of formidable humans, the Coralaens. Do not trust the ones whose feet transform to fins and back. A mischievous man among them, he of the golden tail, mighty and wondrous happenings await this unsuspecting recalcitrant, but first a trial by water.

If you, brave venturer, still seek to roam these forbidden realms of myth and peril, take great heed of the prophecies given in centuries past- The time has come for the mountains of Wistaor to be shaken. The awaited Legend of Kiwaft has crossed into the Shrouded Isle. When his odyssey is finished, nothing will ever be the same again.
Are you ready?

Excerpt (from Silvyn’s point of view, interacting with Graiceyl) –

She suddenly jumped into the water, splashing me, and I wiped the water from my face. “Let’s swim!” I liked how her eyes lit up as she suggested it. “I want to look at something beautiful.”

“I already am,” I answered. “Want me to bring you a mirror?”

She laughed and splashed me, and her cheeks blushed. “How many times have you said that to a woman?”

“And meant it?”

She splashed me again, so I ducked under the water and tugged her foot down, dunking her. She came back to the surface spluttering and coughing. “Bully,” she rasped when I reappeared above water.

“Hold your breath, guppy,” I retorted, “or use the berries!”

“It happened too fast!” she protested. When she had regained her breath, she swam behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. “Come on! Show me something beautiful… besides myself!”

I chuckled. “Did you know we’re right above a coral reef?”


I nodded. “Your people call it Caleas Reef.”

My people?”


“What do your people call it?”

I shrugged, and one of her hands slid off my shoulder. She pulled herself closer and wrapped her arms around my neck, which I enjoyed. “Leesujun Reef. Sometimes Caleas Reef.” I nodded to where she had been perched. “We call that Reef Rock.”

“Oh.” There was a brief pause, then she asked, “What’s a coral reef?”

I rolled my eyes and dove. Beneath the water, her legs wound about my waist, and I yelped, which startled her. I shifted her legs lower so they weren’t pressing on my battle wounds from the shark, and she said something that sounded like Sorry. I started to respond to her in undersea, but I remembered she couldn’t understand it. I swam a little deeper and westward, and I showed her the wondrous underwater masterpiece called a coral reef. She loved it.

She seemed to especially love the tiny seahorses that called the coral reef home, so after a while I took her away to another place I knew she’d love: a wide field of seagrass that was home to many seahorses. Her cry of surprise and delight when she spotted them made me grin. We watched them for some time, and she laughed when I showed her how to hold one with its tail curled around her finger. I checked several times to make sure she wasn’t drowning, but the berries were achieving their purpose. We swam a long time, and I showed her many parts of the underwater world, at least the shallower parts. I enjoyed sharing its secrets with her. When we at last returned to the surface, I had brought her back to Rubble Coast and the rocks covered with starfish.

She slid off my back, then she hugged me and pressed a kiss to my cheek. “Thank you,” she said breathlessly.

Want to read more? Check out Sara’s website for Silvyn’s Tale that includes additional details about the book and a song she picked as its theme song, or buy the Paperback or EBook on Amazon

About the Author:

A born Kansan with southern roots, Sara did not grow up loving to write. She did, however, love stories. Hearing them, telling them, reading them… Only when she could not find a story that explored the questions she had inside of her did she begin writing them. Beginning as a search into the character of God and what His love is really like, her God took over from the start and used her writing to speak to the deepest questions in her soul. Sara does not think of herself as an author, but rather a scribe, for her books are only born from listening to God, who loves to speak truth through stories and inspires all of her books.

She uses the pen name “Sara Nicole” in honor of her grandmother, Sara Gene, who went to be with the Lord in 2011.

“LORD, You will establish peace for us,

since You have also performed for us all our works.”

– Isaiah 26:12, NASB –

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