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Did you know God has a sense of humor? In fact, He literally has the best sense of humor – He knows what makes each one of us laugh! I’m always slightly surprised when I meet someone who has never thought of God as funny (and they’re usually equally surprised to find that I think He’s side-splitting hilarious). He created us in His image, and that image certainly includes a sense of humor! As proof, try reading Job 39:13-18 and listening for God’s amused tone of voice… God is admitting He intentionally created the ostrich as a silly bird! He must be the true originator of the term “bird-brain!” Brief funny story, I was reading that particular passage aloud to a friend while we were at a zoo, and the ostrich we were watching snatched up and ate a small stick while I was reading! God really didn’t give that bird wisdom!

            Another character trait of God’s that most everyone around the world acknowledges is His brilliant creativity. Sunrises and sunsets alone make us stand in awe, let alone the vast reaches of the universe and the tiniest details in a baby’s finger. Internet searches of strange animals (try the aye-aye or the shoebill or listen to the lyrebird mimicking construction sounds) give evidence to both God’s creativity and His sense of humor. He has filled creation with delights to our senses.

            As men and women created in His image, is it our pleasure and privilege to imitate Him in this. As writers, we often do it through stories (but are not limited to stories). As writers, however, what we love is often also how we make money – we hope! Sometimes that means we forget to have fun when we’re doing it. Readers’ reviews batter our minds and make us feel like we have to change something or write a certain way. Deadlines loom, causing stress that withers the pleasure of our projects. Publishers reject, making us doubt our ability and tempting us to try to write like everyone else.

            Why do we write? For some, the answer is simply for money. For some, the answer is because we enjoy it (or used to). For myself, I do enjoy it very much, and also I write because it helps me grow closer to God. If God was not in it, I would have quit long ago, most likely. But I meet with God when I’m writing. I ask questions and seek the answers through story. I listen to the stories He whispers to my mind. I, like a child, try to imitate my Abba/Father’s creativity in building new characters, new places, even new worlds with new rules. That keeps me writing, no matter the reviews or sales. That puts deep joy into my writing. I love it.

            Getting “burned out” is a real thing. I personally have burned out on a particular story before, but never have I burned out about writing as a whole. Why? One reason is because I have over 30 separate, diverse books in progress right now. I never get bored! A second reason is because God hangs out with me when I’m writing, and I can’t get burned out on Him. If you’re feeling burned out right now, try to put some fun back into your writing.

            George MacDonald, known as the father of the fantasy genre, wrote a small story within a story (see his book Phantastes) about a land where water did not reflect yet the sky did – in the style of a fish-eye lens. I was dumbfounded when I read it. I love fantasy, but I had never considered changing things so basic, physical laws that I take for granted. I went to my kitchen window and looked at the sky and lake below it and stared for probably ten minutes or more, just trying to picture it. If fantasy is not your genre, have you considered dabbling? If not to publish, just for your own amusement and to stoke your creative fires? I challenge you to try imagining a world and changing something that everyone takes for granted and normally would not think to alter. It’ll get those brain juices flowing.

            I’m a girl who enjoys logic puzzles. I don’t mean the physical puzzles where you have to unwind the metal rings or something, but I like the word logic puzzles. One of my books was spawned by a logic puzzle of sorts. I imagined a character, and I wanted her to have certain traits and live in a certain setting. That created a dilemma. You see, she was a young woman who was sassy and independent and often recalcitrant, yet she was also a slave, one who was never punished. She was strangely free to rebel to a certain extent even though her lord showed no mercy or tolerance toward his other slaves, male or female. She had no romantic intrigues and nothing worthwhile to offer her lord, no wealth nor valuable information. She was semi-resentful and semi-affectionate toward her lord. He was semi-frustrated and semi-amused in return. Who was she? How did she come to be a slave (she wasn’t born into it)? Why did she have such privileges yet loss of freedom? I wish I could direct you to this book to find the answers, but I haven’t published it yet. It’s a WIP. It took some thinking to come up with a scenario, I’ll tell you that! I’ll give you a clue – there’s a slight bit of magic. If you have ideas for the solution, post them in the comments!

            My point in all of this is that God really enjoyed creating the world. I guarantee it. I’ll bet He even giggled sometimes. If you’re in a rut with your writing and feeling drained, try something new! Explore a new genre, a new character, a new setting, or create a puzzle for yourself to solve. Even if you don’t publish it, do it for yourself. Let your brain take a breather outside of the box. I was bogged down with an intense story once, and I started another lighthearted one just to take a break. I didn’t start it with the intent of publishing it, but it has become my most popular so far (see below). Kindle your creativity and humor anew. Imitate our heavenly Father: Have fun!

The Beauty and the Throne

By Sara Nicole

The most important thing Jonathan and Elise have in common is ambitious fathers who wish to see the two married. An arranged wedding later, Jonathan and Elise do not know what to do with each other. Adding to the complications, Jonathan is a prince. Between ruling his land of Aurelia, fending off the pressures laid on him by his father, and trying to navigate the uncharted waters of marriage, Jonathan finds himself the target of assassins.

Can Jonathan and Elise learn to love before their last chance is gone?

Genre – Romance/Adventure Fiction

Heat level – Mild

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If you’d like to learn more about The Beauty and the Throne, Sara has a book webpage that includes additional details about the book and a song she picked as its theme song.

About the Author:

A born Kansan with southern roots, Sara did not grow up loving to write. She did, however, love stories. Hearing them, telling them, reading them… Only when she could not find a story that explored the questions she had inside of her did she begin writing them. Beginning as a search into the character of God and what His love is really like, her God took over from the start and used her writing to speak to the deepest questions in her soul. Sara does not think of herself as an author, but rather a scribe, for her books are only born from listening to God, who loves to speak truth through stories and inspires all of her books.

She uses the pen name “Sara Nicole” in honor of her grandmother, Sara Gene, who went to be with the Lord in 2011.

“LORD, You will establish peace for us,

since You have also performed for us all our works.”

– Isaiah 26:12, NASB –

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