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I recently had the pleasure of reading author Sally Brandle’s new book Sapphire Promise. I must admit I’m a fan of Sally’s writing and have read a couple of her Romantic Suspense books from her Love Thrives in Emma Springs series books. So when I got the chance to read her newest book, which is an enhanced memoir based on the true story of a coming-of-age Dutch girl whose homeland was taken over by the Japanese during WWII, I was all in, and, once  again,  Sally did not disappoint. She deftly switched from her Romantic Suspense based books to a memoir-based book that kept me engaged in the story and devouring the pages when I should have been doing other things. A job well done on a book you don’t want to miss!

Sapphire Promise is a sweet WWII romance set in exotic Batavia, Java, in the Dutch East Indies colonial era. The heroine Annika Wolter is a young woman from a well-to-do family with dreams of becoming a nurse—dreams that will serve her well when the war comes right to her doorstep and turns her life upside down. Most of the stories I’ve read and films I’ve seen about WWII focus around the European war arena and the atrocities of Hitler. I found Annika’s story of loyalty, love and courage in the WWII Pacific war arena to be unique and informative. The author Sally Brandle weaves a love story that transcends the years and is suitable for a young adult or a more mature reader. You will not want to miss this beautifully crafted, inspiring and uplifting enhanced memoir of the romance, courage, loyalty of WWII  Japanese POW survivor Annika Wolter.

Sapphire Promise

By Sally Brandle

Sapphire Promise: Based on a true story of loyalty, trust, and unfailing love by [Sally Brandle]

Loyalty to family. Trusting instincts. The will to survive. These virtues are deeply embedded in a mature Dutch teenager, Annika Wolter. Her attributes prove useful as she navigates typical coming-of-age insecurities and a blossoming romance with a handsome lieutenant in 1939 Batavia, Java.

Nothing prepares her for the distress of Hitler’s attacks on European countries followed by Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor, toppling her idyllic life in the Dutch East Indies colonial society and separating her from the man she loves. Uplifting events from a true story showcase how determination, nursing basics, and language skills keep a young woman and her mother alive in the worst Japanese internment camp in the Pacific. If you admire clever women and unfailing love in a tropical wartime setting, you will be captivated by Sapphire Promise.

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About the author/reviewer Catherine Castle:

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