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Welcome to A Writer’s Garden where writers who are gardeners or just love gardens will be sharing their garden and flower stories, as well as a bit about their writing. Today’s writer/gardener guest is Gail Sattler, who loves to plant tomatoes!

Welcome, Gail.

To anyone who has followed me in previous years, here I am again, with yet another, and hopefully better informed, attempt at growing a small garden. Mostly, though, my goal is to grow another successful tomato garden, this time with tomato plants that I grew from seeds myself. Of course buying plants is still a possibility, but hopefully, this year I will succeed and not buy anything except packages of seeds!

Here is what I have planted, with the addition of oregano as an afterthought.

We have growth!

Even my oregano is growing.

As time goes on, everything is a little bigger. I’m pretty excited about this. I think most of them will be big enough by the time I can plant outside. A friend told me that I can plant them outside when the temperature doesn’t go below 10 degrees (Celsius) at night. For now, I’m putting them outside during the daytime for them to soak up the sunshine.

The more leggy plants 2nd from the right (below) are cucumbers. They are doing the best. I was told I didn’t need to start them inside, but oh well. They’ve got a head start. I’m the most proud of these tomatoes. They are a variety called Manitoba, which is where I am from, so I’m really looking forward to these.

This is what I’m aiming for, this is my tomato garden last year, which is on the west side of my fence in order for them to get the most sunshine. All of these were bought as plants, but I hope my home-grown ones this year will be even better.

About the Writer/Gardener:

 Gail Sattler lives in Vancouver BC (Canada, eh!) where you don’t have to shovel rain. A grandma of two beautiful little girls, Gail and her husband and two dogs are staying home and social distancing despite missing the little ones. Visit Gail’s website at www.gailsattler.com

I don’t have a new book out, but if anyone is interested, please check out my last 2 on Amazon, The Other Neighbor – which is a romantic suspense, and Mercury Rising – which is an adventure with supernatural elements.

Mercury Rising

by Gail Sattler

Michael wants to save his daughter, but first he’s got to save the world.

Michael and Charlotte meet when Michael is trying to find Ashley, his missing daughter who has fallen into drug abuse, and Charlotte is searching for her son Jon, a brilliant and aspiring young scientist who has also gone missing.
Ashley and Jon should have nothing in common, but after the murder of Jon’s favorite professor, they become ensnared in a tangled web that becomes worse with every new discovery.
When Michael and Charlotte join together to figure what their children have become involved with, they, too, are sucked into a sinkhole for which there are no answers, only more questions.
When all seems lost, will they all recognize the source of strength offered to them, and… will they take it?