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Nan-Nan and Pap-Pap lived in a small house on the back of our half-acre property. Pap-Pap and his son, my Uncle Jimmy, were master carpenters who built the small house so we could be close. As a child I often wandered to visit Nan-Nan, especially because I knew I would get a coffee treat. At eight years old coffee was a special big deal.

Nan-Nan had a special trick that I still use today when I make real coffee. Back then she filled a rose-patterned cup with lots of milk and then elaborately added coffee – probably two teaspoons! Plus a lot of sugar. Finally she took her kitchen salt shaker and shook it over the brew.

What she told me when I grew up and graduated to real coffee has become a ritual to me. Scoop the grounds into the filter. No there were no paper filters in her day! No electric coffee pots, either. But every night when I prepare my pot for the next morning I take a big pinch of Kosher salt and sprinkle it over the grounds.

Does it make a difference? Does it enhance the flavor of my Starbucks coffee grounds? I think so, but maybe it’s my imagination or embracing a memory. Try it. Can’t hurt. If you like it please say, “Thanks, Nan-Nan, for the tip.” Enjoy!

Coffee plays a big role in my CANDY CANE SERIES. Seven women meet at a Starbucks in Newport Beach, California where they pray for each other, and two of them fall in love there.


Twenty years ago six high school freshmen in Newport Beach, California formed a swim team that became legendary. They won the state relay swim championship four years in a row. In addition to their skill and devotion to daily practicing, they prayed together and vowed to be sisters forever. Another thing that set them apart was they chose their own swimsuits making them a team within a larger team. They chose red and white diagonally striped swimsuits and thus, became known as the Candy Canes. They always will be.

There are nine books in the series. Each book is written as a standalone, although the stories begin when the women are in their twenties, they build on each other as the women progress in age. Each book touches on a social situation: abuse, alcoholism, interracial marriage, infidelity, serious disease. Finally, after being forgiven by Doreen for causing the accident that altered her life and her leg forever, Melanie is accepted into the group and has her own stories.

NATALIE’S RED DRESS is Book Nine, the final story in the series. It is about a life-threatening disease and a sensitive subject. Please read with an open mind.

Will Natalie, the one whose friends call “the tough girl,” overcome her fear with the help of her best friend, Melanie?

Maybe Alan’s impromptu proposal will boost her morale when nosy neighbor, Gladys, accuses her of being a loose woman.

Natalie’s group of friends, the Candy Canes, gather to pray for her at their favorite Starbucks and even have a silly, unconventional pizza party with crazy ingredients to cheer her up. But stubborn Natalie doesn’t cheer up easily.

Hoping a change of attire from everyday gym clothes to something fancy will calm her fears she goes on a rare shopping spree. The effusive saleswoman persuades her and she splurges on an elegant RED DRESS. So not Natalie! When and where would she ever wear it? Unless, maybe, she invites a special man to dinner. But will he accept? What if he really loves someone else? Could he love a deformed woman?


The entire Candy Cane Series goes on sale next week for only one week as an eBook Boxed Set Collection for only $9.99. But you have to wait until Monday, April 26. Sign up for my newsletter so you will be sure to get the link. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Some readers like to read the last page of a book first. If you are a last-first reader and want to read NATALIE’S RED DRESS first it is on sale for $3.99 at Amazon


Have a read or a cuppa coffee on Bonnie!

“I would love to give away an eBook of NATALIE’S RED DRESS and a $5 Starbucks gift card,” Bonnie says.

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About the Author Bonnie:

I’ve decided I don’t like impersonal bios written in the third person. I would rather explain who I am since I know best who I am.

I am a wife, mother, mother-in-law and grandmother who goes by the moniker Grammy. My husband and family are my life. But Jesus is first. He has led me down many paths from PTA volunteer, newspaper columnist, online prayer chain moderator and author. Each path has been lined with wonderful treasures of love. But the best path has been and still is the Grammy path.

I love the image in Exodus 17:12 of Aaron and Hur lifting up Moses arms. I am blessed to have many Aarons and Hurs holding me up when I get tired. To see six of mine and the one who has held me up for almost 56 years go to my website link below.

Life has taken me from Pittsburgh to Ohio to Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles to Newport Beach and finally to Scottsdale, Arizona living on a lake as I’d dreamed of for years.

Dogs are part of my life. Lola, the scruffy one, is on the cover of Melanie’s Blue Skirt. Lucy and Sam have cameo appearances in Cindy’s Perfect Dance and Melanie’s Ghosts respectively. Jake, our precious Min Pin on the cover of Connie’s Silver Shoes, is in doggy heaven. Sweet Arthur on the cover of Doreen Finds Her Groove was lent to me for the story by my friend Lisa. Sandy, the Golden Retriever on the cover of A Winning Recipe, is a characterization of Almond Roca, my friend Dorothy’s dog who jogged with me for many years.

Cats have always been important members of our family. Mr. Sunday was first. My mother named him because he came to our door on Sunday. Spats was a rescued laboratory cat when hubby was in grad school. He was super smart and could fetch and play tennis with a ping pong ball. Our kids had Licorice, Mudball who swallowed a needle, Dr. Pepper who insisted on jumping on all laps, and Aphrodite who lived to be 21 and a half. Our own children now have Blackey, Vader, Loco, Poco and Bingo – all black!

Now you know who I am. And maybe more about the stories I write. I hope you like the stories and will read them and post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Please check out the links below to contact me. I love to hear from my readers.

Thank you for supporting my books!

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