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Welcome to Wednesday Writers! Author Yasmine Phoenix is our guest today sharing her magical fantasy stand-alone novel The Chronicles of the Red Silk Dress. The novel is Book Two in the Witches Brew Here’s a peek at the book. And welcome to you, Yasmine!

When love stalls, who are you going to call? Red a mystical and magical red dress created to help women discover love and recognize their self-worth.

Delphine Richards is the founder and CEO of Plum Events a successful party planning company in Chicago. The holidays are the busiest and Valentine’s Day is the last one of the season. Her employees work hard to create spectacular parties and stay out of Delphine’s way. She hates this day for lovers.

Kevin Poe, her fiancé, broke up with her a year ago on Valentine’s Day. Since then she’s dedicated her life to growing her business. Love won’t destroy her again.

Kevin Poe loves Delphine but her constant interference in his teaching career drove a wedge between them. When one of Kevin’s students needed him, Delphine neglected to tell him. That was the final straw. If Delphine couldn’t stop trying to change him, then they shouldn’t be together.

Enter Red, a mystical and magical red dress sent to help Delphine rediscover love and realize she can’t control everyone and everything – including herself.


The laughter and chatter in the reception area stopped. The only sounds were feet beating retreat as employees scattered to their offices or found something to do not requiring being on the front line, hard, steady heeled steps came their way.
“Good morning, Delphine,” the receptionist said brightly.
“Yeah,” was the snarky response.
Gigi stood in the doorway. Patti rolled her eyes. This perky young thing was going to lose their money.
“Good morning, Delphine. Or should I call you Ms. Richards?” Gigi asked. Her voice switched from preppy to professional.
Delphine stopped and zeroed her sights on Gigi. Gigi stood her ground. Delphine moved toward her looked her up and down.
“Uh-huh. You’re Gigi. Welcome aboard.”
Delphine walked around her new employee, examining her.
“Your today’s agenda is on your desk,” Patti said.
“I’ve got a meeting at St. Valentine’s Church this evening. I told Father Leak we’d handle their holiday party, the silent auction, and dinner.”
“What? Delphine we’re overbooked as it is,” Janice protested.
One look from Delphine and Janice opened up her Outlook calendar and added the event.
“I’ve planned the perfect event for the parish. I want the parishioners to have a great time. I’ve already lined up sponsors, made a preliminary list of activities, and floor plan.” Delphine’s voice was the complete opposite of the festive event. She sounded like she was drawing up military plans for an invasion.
I’d love to work on the St. Valentine’s event, Delphine,” Gigi spoke up.
Janice’s mouth dropped open. She offered herself as a virgin sacrifice. She jumped into the volcano, willingly.
“I think St. Valentine’s Day is a great romantic holiday,” Gigi said not knowing how close she came to being struck through the heart by an arrow shot by Janice or Patti.
“Yes, it’s very romantic.” Delphine’s eyes closed. She took a deep breath. She exhaled, opened her sharp brown eyes and stalked out of the office.
Gigi watched her boss leave and turned her attention to her co-workers.
“I mean St. Valentine’s Day is so…so…romantic. Candy.”
“Diabetes,” Patti answered.
“Weight gain,” Janice added.
“Romantic dinners,” Gigi said.
“Expensive bill,” Patti answered.
“Worth a month’s groceries,” Janice said.
‘Sexy lingerie,” Gigi countered.
“Doesn’t fit after the dinner and candy,” Janice said.
“Jewelry?” Gigi asked.
“Expectations never match reality or the payments,” Janice said.
“What about flowers?” Gigi asked.
“Allergies,” Patti said.
“Dead in a week,” Janice snapped.
Gigi placed her hand on her hip. “Are you two anti-romance?”
“Oh no, child. I have dinner reservations for my husband and me. I booked a babysitter Christmas. Although we have to pay double,” Janice said.
“I’m working our party at the Peninsula.” Patti winked. “I made sure the odds are five males to one woman.”
Janice laughed. “I thought I was the accountant.”
“Does Delphine hate St. Valentine’s Day?” Gigi finally asked.
“Let’s just say she’d shoot Cupid with one of his arrows if she could,” Patti counseled.
“Long story. Long heartbreaking story, pun intended. And if you like your job, never, never, ever mention why you love Valentine’s Day around her,” Janice warned.

Yasmine ‘Yas’ Phoenix was born and raised in Virginia but calls Chicago home. She loves tennis, professional and amateur and plays in local leagues. Her writing block is the four major Grand Slams, Indian Wells, and other tournaments. No, she can’t tape then watch. Yas loves to read, especially murder mysteries. She is a Terry Pratchett, Discworld fan, and scans the news for potential plot ideas. Melding romance and paranormal in her stories is her goal. Yas always asks the question, “What if?” She is a sucker for old black and white movies like Casablanca on one hand, and Deadpool on the other. She believes her family is her greatest gift and support.

Learn more about Yasmine Phoenix on her website. Stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.