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Today’s Wednesday Writers guest is author Penelope Powell who will be sharing an excerpt from her Contemporary Christian Romance Together For Good as well as a bit about how the book idea came about. Welcome, Penelope!

Thanks, Catherine.

 The idea for Together For Good started forming before I finished A Powerful Voice. The character, Laney, first appeared in that story as Gloria’s friend. As a contrast to Gloria’s character, Laney was good-natured and optimistic, though she was no stranger to loss. Readers of A Powerful Voice might’ve picked up on hints of Laney’s romantic interests, which comes forefront in Laney and Matthew’s love story in Together For Good. Because Laney’s character is a teacher, and Matthew practices family law, I wanted to bring in some of the issues either could face working with children, and that gives their story depth.

Together For Good

By Penelope Powell

Having lost her mother in a tragic drunk driving accident, Laney Spence is no stranger to grief and loss. Despite this tragedy touching her life at such a young age, Laney has maintained her belief that God brings good out of even the most difficult circumstances. For her, that good came in the form of her older brother’s best friend, Matthew Jordan. Kind and compassionate, Matthew helped her grieve—and she’s been harboring a crush on him ever since.   

Years later, when tragedy shatters Matthew’s life, Laney is there for him the same way he’d been there for her all those years ago. But they’re not kids anymore. She’s a teacher with little life experience, and he’s a jaded divorce lawyer with a past he’d rather keep secret. Neither of them can ignore the attraction that blooms, though, leaving them both wondering—is attraction, history, and a shared faith in God enough to keep them together for good, or will circumstances beyond their control drive them apart?  

Here’s an excerpt of their first meeting after years of not seeing one another.

“So…it’s been a while.” Matthew examined Laney. The gold flecks in her brown eyes lightened them to a warm hazel. “You look so… grown up,” he said, trying to connect her to the little girl that had followed him and Jason around that summer. Other images—a gangly teen, then a skinny young adult—flashed in his memory. If he’d seen her since, he didn’t recall her looking anything like the woman standing before him now, especially considering how her dress clung.

            “We all have to grow up sometime.” Laney fingered the wisps of short hair curling around her ear.

            “That’s it!” Matthew snapped his fingers, then pointed at her. “That’s what’s different. You’ve cut off all your hair.”

            “I didn’t cut it all off.” Laney touched the back of it and frowned, as if he’d insulted her. “It’s just short.”

The style was complimentary. He tugged on the strands she’d been trying to tuck away. “Very short.”

Laughing, she knocked his hand away. “Stop.”

Scanning down to her heeled feet again, he shook his head. “You look… so different.”

A small crease formed between her brows. “Thanks?”

He averted his gaze to the people coming and going around them. “I meant it as a compliment,” he said, swinging his attention back to her. “Have you forgotten your nickname?” He leaned forward. “Button.” Matthew was smart enough to not mention the knobby knees and skinny arms he remembered.

“That’s because of what your mom said.”

“I remember my mom shaking her head, saying you were cute as a button because of something you’d say or do.” He also remembered the main reason he had high-jacked his mom’s observation, turning it into a nickname. “The nickname suited you.”

Laney cocked a brow, giving him a saucy smirk. “So, you thought I was cute?”

Finding her response mildly fascinating, he laughed. “Out of everything I said, that’s the only thing you heard?”

“Got to take what I can get these days.” A teasing smile led to her examination of him. “You haven’t changed much, except for those.” She pointed at the frames on his face. “Are those reading glasses?”

“No.” Matthew pushed them up, her question pricking his ego. “I have a slight astigmatism.” He pocketed his hands and slacked a hip, giving her a languid smile. “Most women tell me I look intellectual.”

Laney pursed her lips. “You do have that scholarly thing going on.”

When she grinned, his gaze dipped to her mouth, and a jolt of attraction ran through him. Taken aback by the direction of his thoughts, he straightened and adjusted his tie. “Enough about me.”

“But you’re such an interesting subject.”

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About the Author:

Penelope grew up in Tennessee, but has lived in various states and a few countries outside the United States. She holds a BS in Business/Political Science and a MS in Multinational Commerce from Boston University. After working in the field of banking and finance, she left to invest her time with her children. Now that they are grown, she is pursing the life of a writer. As an avid reader of fiction and a student of Biblical truth, she combines what she learns into stories of redemption.  A Powerful Voice and A Furrow So Deep and A Powerful Voice are full length romances published through Anaiah Press, LLC, as well as, her Christmas novella, My Christmas Hope

Connect with Penelope on her website: Facebook: Twitter @penpowell89: BookBub