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I love to write about second chances in love, especially about older people falling in love and overcoming complications and our culture’s politically correct expectations. Heck, old –‘ers’ hearts can do flipflops, too. I refuse to refer to them as elders. Sorry.

Her Secret Santa was especially fun to write because I modeled my favorite character after my granddaughter. It was doubly fun because the idea for the story came from my oldest high school friend, Sandy, who played Mrs. Claus a few years ago.

Sandy is a talented vocalist who sang at our wedding. But mostly she is a fun person who loves a challenge. Comfortable in the limelight, she loves to perform and has even named her little dog Diva. I don’t know if Sandy confides in her vanity mirror like Patti does, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she does. Sandy was the perfect inspiration for this story. Of course the book is dedicated to her.

Here is a teaser from the story.

What did Colin’s kiss, and his comment about brave, mean? . . . Had she done the right thing taking the Mrs. Santa job, or even applying for it? Was she too old to fall in love again? Was Colin?

. . .

Was she ready for love again? Was Colin? She knew so little about him, other than he was a Santa who cuddled children and a grandpa who cared. Surely God had orchestrated their situation. Hadn’t the teen boy who’d collected the application she’d filled out for Mrs. Santa looked at her in a strange way and said, “Good luck”? Silly thought, and she didn’t believe in superstition. But she did believe in signs. The Bible had many. Maybe she should get back to reading the Word every morning. That, and to find out more about Colin.

I hope readers enjoy the humor in HER SECRET SANTA and the loving, but sometimes colliding, personalities of Patti and her precocious eleven-year-old granddaughter, Tabitha. They make a unique team of Mrs. Santa and Elf Tabitha who not only fixes Patti’s knitting mistakes but guides her down the path to love. Oops! Is Tabby right? Did Patti kiss the wrong Santa?

About the Author:

Bonnie Engstrom lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her Santa Dave of fifty-five years. He grumbles putting the nine-foot tree up, but proudly anchors the angel on top. They live near four of their six grandchildren who spend Christmas with them. The other two live on the beach in Costa Rica and surf with their dad, even on Christmas Day. Pura Vida!

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