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My devotional writing journey started when I was recovering from a health crisis at age 16.

During the recovery time, God took me into His Classroom and as the Master Teacher, started imparting important life lessons to me. I started learning lessons that traditional teachers inside of the normal classroom setting would never be able to teach me. These lessons were straight from God’s Word (The Holy Bible) and filled with modern day applications that made sense.

It was then that I felt compelled to start writing these life lessons down. So I started typing these treasures of truth into Microsoft Word on my personal laptop computer.

After a short while, I started sharing these words that God inspired me to write with online communities starting with message boards (this was before Facebook was invented and social media was popular). God planted that seed to write for Him in my heart and as I recovered, I grew stronger not only physically but spiritually. Studying God’s Word and praying to Him, then reflecting on His goodness, grew my relationship with Him and gave me a genuine love for others. I started seeing people as precious souls, loved by God. God grew within me a deep desire to teach everyone about Jesus Christ as the Light of the World. I wanted to show everyone (especially those who do not know God) how much we as broken people (even those of us who are doing very well in life and therefore think that we can live without God), need Him as our Savior, Redeemer and Best Friend. To this day, I still feel driven to reach the world for Jesus Christ!

God knew this would be part of my true life story and He gave me that desire to write devotionals. As I grew closer to God, my desire to share those words with everyone around me grew in remarkable ways! God started opening more doors for my devotionals to be read and shared. He led me to opportunities to write for faith-based blogs, magazines, and to have my devotionals published in books! He even gave me my own column through a company called Collegiate Quarterly (CQ) where I wrote devotional-style columns as the Growing Up columnist for five years and they paid me for my work!

Finally, near the beginning of January 2019, God led me to write this devotional book, Stories and Songs of Faith: My Journey with God. He put together ALL the pieces for me: He led me to make weekly deadlines for myself (I’m a trained journalist who thrives on deadlines and never missed one!) to help me finish writing the 52 devotionals within 14 months. He set in motion a plan for me to work with an editor who was recently hired by my book publisher and she just so “happened” to have decades of experience in editing devotionals. God also pushed me to write 52 devotionals (I was set for only 44), by speaking to me through the professional opinions of a popular book editor and a well-known literary agent. Finally, he inspired my editor and me to create the perfect title that captures my love for stories, songs, and my faith walk with God.

My devotional book was published in April 2020 and so far, it has received the most positive reviews from people who I do and do not know! So many readers have expressed how this devotional book is just what they needed to read for such a time as this.

In closing, I’d like to share a review of my book by my friend Morgan. She said:

“God has profoundly touched my life through Author Alexis A. Goring’s uplifting and personable weekly devotional book sharing God’s love through her own experiences and insights. It is so well written and in a voice that feels as if a close friend is having coffee with you and talking of God. Every entry is well backed by Scripture as well as highlights meaningful songs that God has used to touch the author’s heart.

As a fellow journalist, I love how the author uses her talent of observation to see God at work all around her as well as the use of thought-provoking questions at each devotional’s end to further connect our lives to that entry’s theme and the Scripture truth it has been based on.

If you are looking for a devotional that is short but powerful this is it. It would be a perfect gift for a special person in your life.”

And that’s my hope for everyone who reads my devotional book: For it to be like you having coffee (or tea) with me while we have a conversation about God.

My book, Stories and Songs of Faith: My Journey with God, is available for purchase exclusively on Amazon.com. It’s available in e-book for your Kindle and print (for those who love holding paperback books in their hands). I hope and pray that these words God has given me will bless your heart!

May God bless you and keep you!


Alexis A. Goring, MFA


About the Author:

Alexis A. Goring is a passionate writer with a degree in Print Journalism and an MFA in Creative Writing. She loves the art of storytelling and hopes that her stories will connect readers with the enduring, forever love of Jesus Christ.

Social Media Sites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAlexisAGoring/

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Stories and Songs of Faith: My Journey with God

Alexis A. Goring:

Stories and Songs of Faith: My Journey with God is a 52-week devotional that will bless your heart, soothe your soul, encourage your mind, and strengthen your God-given spirit.

Join author Alexis A. Goring on an inspirational journey. Each devotional builds from real-life experiences that impart many faith lessons learned along the way.

Each day is built on the foundation of a Bible verse or edifying quote, followed by Goring’s personal story and reflection questions for a personalized experience.

All of the devotionals are tied to a song in order to go a little deeper into the heart of the message. A song directory at the end of the book connects the reader with music online to further enhance the study experience and glorify God.

Spend a year on a journey growing closer to the Lord through Stories and Songs of Faith, and discover personal transformation as time with Jesus Christ changes your heart to look a little more like His.

Purchase link for the devotional book:

Social Media Sites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAlexisAGoring/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PennedbyAlex

Website: https://alexisagoring.jimdo.com