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Welcome to Wednesday Writers! Today’s guest is Tori Higa, author and illustrator of The Christmas Color (picture book). Tori will be talking about the story behind her children’s picture book. Just in time for Christmas you’ll get a peek at the reason red is a Christmas color.  Welcome, Tori!

Thanks, Catherine.

Years ago, when my son was little, I was volunteering in his kindergarten classroom during the holiday season when his teacher explained the reason for the color of red at Christmastime – it reminds us of the blood Jesus shed on the cross for us. 

I am blessed to have grown up in a Christian household, but I was never told of the symbolism for the popular Christmas color.  I learned this as an adult and I felt inspired and encouraged.  I want all children to know from a young age about the symbolic meaning of red at Christmas.  And for that simple reason, I wrote The Christmas Color

As I wrote the book I did some research on the history of the color of red, which is the color most associated with Christmas.  I learned how hundreds of years ago many different cultures decorated for their winter festivities with holly leaves and red holly berries because it was a readily available plant during the cold and dark months.  Christians then gave it symbolism and used it as a teaching tool.  They explained how the sharp holly leaves represent Jesus’ crown of thorns and the red berries symbolize His shed blood on the cross for our sins. 

Today, we see traditional red everywhere during the Christmas season (from Santa’s red clothes to Rudolph’s shiny red nose, and everything in between); but it all points back to the symbolism of the red holly berries starting centuries ago.   

I wrote The Christmas Color because I have a deep desire for kids to know about the reason we see so much red at Christmastime today.  I want them to notice and enjoy the color and all of the festivities, but I also want them to think about the important symbolism and be encouraged in it. 

During the holidays especially, it should be at the forefront of our minds that Christmas red is meant to remind us of Jesus’ ultimate loving sacrifice.  We should not only ponder His birth during this time of year, but His life, death, and resurrection as well.  The simple and powerful color of red can help us do just that.

The Christmas Color

By Tori Higa

Have you ever wondered why the Christmas color is red?

From Santa’s red clothes to Rudolph’s shiny red nose, from the berries we pick to sweet peppermint sticks, the color of Christmas is red! But why do so many of our favorite traditions come together in this particular hue? Debut author-illustrator Tori Higa has an insightful answer that will warm your heart and remind readers young and old of the true Reason for the season.

Do you want share the story of The Christmas Color with your children or grandchildren? You can find Tori’s book at


About the Author:

Tori Higa is inspired by her faith, family & friends, coffee shops and people-watching, and all things vintage. She has always loved making art and recently began pairing her hand-crafted pictures with the stories she writes to share with young kids. She considers it a high honor to make books to inspire kids and encourage their faith journey. She currently lives in California with her husband, two kids, and a puppy named Edie.

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