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Welcome to A Writer’s Garden where writers who are gardeners or just love gardens will be sharing their garden and flower stories, as well as a bit about their writing.

Today’s writer/gardener guest is Judith Rolfs. Judith is sharing a post and a garden video today. Welcome, Judith!


Are we ever too old to enjoy playing in the dirt, especially when we’re planting beautiful flowers? I think not. The aesthetic and psychological benefits of gardening are huge. We have an opportunity to add to the beauty of God’s world. I experience joy knowing I’m personally responsible for my little plot of earth and tending it well for God’s glory.

As a writer, time spent working with my hands frees me up to let my mind wander along diverse paths. I can be mentally engrossed in imagining characters with peculiar traits and planning intricate plots. Being surrounded by God’s creation helps spur my own creative faculties.

Best of all, I like the life lessons I learn from gardening. I’m amazed at the flowers like Impatiens that last all summer. Others open for only a few days to a week like my glorious peonies. I wish they’d stay the entire summer like the glowing hydrangea spectacular with extended life. Who am I to judge how long any plant or human life should be as long as it is fruitful and accomplishes the purpose for which God created it?

I wander through my garden every day to see what exciting new blossom has appeared in my personal world. And yes, from time to time, I ponder the new, human acquaintances that enter my world for a brief or extended stay. I am in awe of them as well and take time to pause and enjoy their presence in my life.

These are lessons I have acquired from gardening and God willing there will be more ahead for me and you.

I also like to make my garden enticing with comfy chairs and swings to encourage children to sit outdoors and read. Encouraging young readers is vital. You’ll notice in the background of my You-Tube video an anniversary gift from my husband, a large sculpture of a mother and child sitting on a bench reading. I’d love for you to check out my book Parent’s Treasure Box of IDEAS. You’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of IDEAS to stimulate learning about academic subjects, social skills, and most importantly about God, the Creator of our beautiful outdoors.

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Parent’s Treasure Box of Ideas:

Tips to Help You Teach Your Child

by Dr. Judith Rolfs

My latest book just released September 9th is called Parent’s Treasure Box of IDEAS and the subtitle is Tips To Help You Teach Your Child. It’s quite a stretch from my mystery novels and mystery fantasy books for children but I felt it was timely. Parents have had to become more involved in their children’s education than ever before with the changes in school routines.

Parent’s Treasure Box of IDEAS is about giving parents tips and curriculum ideas to use at home to creative meaningful learning opportunities for their children. The book contains an entire section on NATURE and how important it is to engage children in fun outdoors activities like gardening. I used to give my grandchildren little plots to tend in my garden to immerse them in the satisfaction of watching growing things.