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Welcome to A Writer’s Garden where writers who are gardeners or just love gardens will be sharing their garden and flower stories, as well as a bit about their writing. Today’s writer/gardener guest is Linda Shenton Matchett.

Linda will be taking us on a tour of Fuller Gardens.

Welcome, Linda!

The Fuller Garden House


I love flower gardens. There is nothing more that I enjoy than walking through a well-maintained, colorful garden. Unfortunately, despite coming from a long line of farmers and gardeners, genetics failed me, and I have a “brown thumb.” Even house plants tremble when they enter my home. Because of my lack of gardening skills, I live vicariously by visiting public and private botanical gardens.

Dalhia bed

Several years ago, I took a day trip with several members of my church to Fuller Gardens located in North Hampton, New Hampshire in the historic area known as Little Boards Head. The property, which was the summer estate of self-made businessman and Massachusetts governor Alvan Fuller, encompasses three acres overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Because of its proximity to the sea, the scent of salt-air mingles with the aroma from the flowers and foliage, and added dimension to my experience.

Desert garden


Bee balm







The gardens were originally installed in 1927 in honor of Mr. Fuller’s wife Viola. Four years later, Mr. Fuller purchased  an adjacent property and contracted with the Olmstead Firm to redesign and expand the gardens.

Rose garden

Rose Garden









Formal rose gardens, a Japanese garden, English perennial borders, tropical and desert conservatories, tulip and annual beds, a hosta garden, and a dahlia garden are enclosed by a privet hedge and cedar fence upon which are trained apple trees.

Apple trees

Statuary collected by Mr. and Mrs. Fuller during their travels as well as several pieces gifted by their daughter can be found among the plants. Grass pathways lead visitors through the property.


Staff and volunteers maintain the property year-round. Normally open to the public daily from mid-May through mid-October, Fuller Gardens opened its gates this year on June 22nd. Each season there are social and horticultural events.

The Fullers were quite wealthy, and they practiced wide-ranging philanthropy to include art, hospitals, religion, municipalities, and social services. In 1878, Mr. Fuller established The Fuller Foundation that continues to benefit agencies in the Greater Boston and Seacoast area of New Hampshire.

If you’d like to see additional photos or learn more about Fuller Gardens, please visit https://fullergardens.org.


About the Writer/Garden Lover:

Linda Shenton Matchett will travel far and wide to catch a glimpse of a beautiful garden. She has visited Kew Gardens in London, Leu Gardens in Orlando, and The New York Botanical Gardens, just to name a few of her favorite destinations. She writes Christian historical romance and mystery fiction.

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Linda’s  most recent release Murder at Madison Square Garden is book 2 in her Women of Courage series set during World War II. 

Murder at Madison Square Garden

by Linda Shenton Matchett

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