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Welcome to A Writer’s Garden where writers who are gardeners or just love gardens will be sharing their garden and flower stories, as well as a bit about their writing.

Today’s writer/gardener guest is Becky Van Vleet, a gardner who loves to create memories. Welcome, Becky!


There are so many aspects to my gardening that I love. The sweet fragrance of my flowers. The amazing fact that my perennials know when it’s time to pop their heads up each year. Working my hands in the rich dirt in my vegetable garden and sometimes feeling a worm. Harvesting my herbs and veggies every summer for my family to enjoy. In fact, I would have to say that working in my flower and vegetable gardens is very therapeutic for me. I reap the pleasures and joys of gardening as I also deal with destructive hail and drought. (Note hail covering!)

Every spring I look forward to setting out my hummingbird feeder in anticipation of the hummers who will put on a sweet show for my husband and I to enjoy.


A few years ago, I started painting rocks with my grandchildren’s names to display in my front yard. My little Grands get excited when they come to visit and walk right past this visual of their special garden markers. When I’m tending to this section of my flower beds, I think about the stone markers in the Old Testament we read about in Joshua 4:5-7, and then I pray for my grandchildren.




In addition to my love of gardening, I especially enjoy creating and preserving family memories for the next generations. I have endearing memories of picking green beans in my grandmother’s garden in southern Indiana back in the 1960s. After we had a couple of sacksful, we would sit on her back porch and break the beans in preparation for cooking. We would converse about all kinds of things as we snapped away. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my grandmother was imparting life lessons to me—love your family, work hard, read your Bible, honor God, don’t cheat, be kind, and much more. We had no background music. We simply had the tranquility of the farm house, fresh air, and birds singing. Sweet memories!

So now this grandma likes to have my own grandchildren break green beans with me every summer as we snap and talk. I hope I am preserving my own memory and creating a new one for them!




About the Writer/Gardener

Becky Van Vleet is a retired teacher and principal. She and her husband make their home in Colorado Springs where Becky enjoys oil painting, hiking and biking, as well as gardening. Becky’s children’s picture book, Talitha, the Traveling Skirt, was inspired by a true family story to preserve a treasured family memory. Her first book has already won two awards and her second children’s book, also inspired by a true family story, is due to be released the end of the summer. Becky enjoys writing projects to preserve family memories.

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Talitha, the Traveling Skirt

by Becky Van Vleet

Meet Talitha, a little plaid skirt that likes to travel. Through the years, she visits many two-year-old girls in a special family who wear her to get their pictures taken. But Talitha encounters problems when she least expects them. Filled with colorful and detailed illustrations, young children will delight in this heartwarming story about a little skirt’s adventures.

Want to read more about the traveling skirt or purchase it for the little girls in your family? You can find Talitha’s story at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.