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Welcome to A Writer’s Garden where writers who are gardeners or just love gardens will be sharing their garden and flower stories, as well as a bit about their writing. Today’s writer/gardener guest is Wendy L. MacDonald, who will be sharing her garden experiences and exquisite  garden photos.

Welcome, Wendy!

Recently, something unexpected happened to me while I sat in my garden. Not all gifts from the garden are tangible—in fact—the best gifts are often ones you can’t put in your mouth or place on your table.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve rediscovered the garden magic that’s great for the soul. While many of us are staying home a lot more than we’ve ever done before, I’ve been spending extra time enjoying my garden. Yes, I’m doing some weeding and other spring chores (My oldest son is doing most of the work.). But more importantly, I’m allowing my garden to gift me with joy.

One day, I took my after-lunch coffee outside and sat on the cedar bench my husband made. I noticed some chickadees flitting from branch to branch in the rhododendrons next to my brick patio, and just as I was breathing thanks for the privacy these lovely bushes provide, a hummingbird darted towards me. I froze while the flying emerald jewel tugged at the sleeve of my brown wool sweater.

I was too mesmerized to move. And I couldn’t have cared less that my camera and phone were in the house. I just stayed still and soaked up the moment.

The hummingbird poked and pulled at four different spots on my sweater, and then she hovered eye-to-eye with me as if to say, “Whoops. I didn’t realize someone was wearing this.” Then she zipped off to the front garden.

I believe she may be the hummingbird pictured below. All I know for sure is, they normally collect nest building material from my lawns, dryer vent, and mossy trees. Perhaps I should hang an old sweater on the clothesline for them too?

I recently unwrapped another gift from the garden. One day in March, when I was feeling frightened about leaving the relative safety of our garden, I stayed home and hoped I would find enough to photograph. This has become more of a ritual and routine than ever before because of the need to social distance ourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. Again, my garden gifted me by allowing me to notice how ordinary flowers can look extraordinary when showcased in the right lighting.

Yes, life is like that too, sometimes we need to look for the light in our dark places. Sometimes the sun shines more magically when it breaks through our storm clouds to reveal special gifts, ones we may have otherwise taken for granted. Gifts like sharing your garden with nature.

I’m nosy-to-know if you’ve been enjoying gifts from the garden too?

About the writer/gardener:

Wendy L. Macdonald is an inspirational writer, blogger, and podcaster who also loves to photograph nature on Vancouver Island. Besides writing and gardening, Wendy also enjoys hiking with her husband. She homeschooled their three children, and she believes years of reading classics aloud developed her love of storytelling. She hopes you’ll visit her “Daily Bread” style Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Her byline is: My faith is not shallow because I’ve been rescued from the deep. Her main website is https://wendylmacdonald.com/ where she enjoys interacting with readers. She’s currently editing a memoir and a romance/mystery.

You can find her on Twitter   Facebook and Instagram