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Today’s Wednesday Writers guest is Mary Gant Bell with an interesting take on how the muse inspired her book, When Life Goes Viral. Welcome, Mary!




What Inspired the Novel When Life Goes Viral?

The day I needed tags for my car was an ordinary day. Not a day I wanted to stand in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, but sometimes we have to bite the bullet and get things done anyway. The first employee I encountered didn’t even greet me. The initial words out of her mouth were excuses about why she couldn’t do her job. So I went to another office and waited in a second line to watch the employees drink their morning coffee by the copy machine. I had plenty of time to daydream, as authors are prone to do. So I let my mind wander (because my feet certainly weren’t moving.)

Greta, the main character of When Life Goes Viral, was born in line at the DMV. I entertained myself by imagining what I would do if laws and socially acceptable behaviors had never been defined. How could I vent my frustration at this disorganized bureaucracy and apathetic staff? What does a childish temper tantrum look like in an impatient adult?

Obviously, there was no way I could do any of the things that came to my mind. But Greta could. Main characters act with impunity and confidence. Real life doesn’t always permit us to choose the consequences of our actions. But as an author, I could control not only Greta’s actions, but their consequences as well. So while I controlled my body parts and my mouth muscles, Greta went wild. Right there in the DMV. Greta let loose on the temper tantrum to top all tantrums.

I smiled as the scenes came to life in my head. By the time I had the car tags in hand, Greta and I were best friends. She’s strong and courageous with a layer of crazy covering it all, like frosting on a cake. She’s also very loyal and protective of her sister, Tricia. Tricia wasn’t with us at the DMV that day, but Greta told me all about her. I like her, and I think you will, too.

When Life Goes Viral is the story Greta gave me that day. It recounts what would have … could have …. happened if I had done what I really wanted to do while standing between the crowd-control ropes.

Because Greta is such a loyal sister, she asked me to make her story book one of a series. I agreed and am working on her sister’s book, When Love Unites, now. The third book will uncover the sordid past of their mutual friend, Sandy. Greta will introduce you to Sandy in chapter one of her book. Spoiler alert: You’ll like Sandy, too. She’s really sweet (or at least that’s what she wants you to believe.)

If you enjoy romance or stories about the rocky relationships between sisters, When Life Goes Viral is perfect for you. All of these stories are clean of both sexual content and vulgar language. Greta and her friends are all Christians, struggling to apply Biblical principles to their everyday lives and actions. Some are more successful than others.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about Greta and her circle of friends. Follow the link below to order your copy today.




Mary Gant Bell

Genre – Christian Romance


What really happens when a video featuring something you regret goes viral?  All Greta wanted was an ice cream sundae. Instead, she became an overnight sensation. If she weren’t such an extreme introvert with severe OCD issues, it might have been funny. But it’s not.

The woman who barely leaves her apartment, let alone town, finds herself escaping on a cruise ship. It’s the only place she can think of that doesn’t have internet access or perpetual news coverage. It’s the only place she can avoid seeing her own face every three seconds.

When John literally bumps into her, his attraction is instantaneous. But is he attracted to her or her fame? Is it true what they say? Can love really overcome all things? Even the fame caused by one viral video?

When Life Goes Viral is book 1 of the series.


When the employee behind the counter caught his eye, the man yelled, “This is a hold up. Put your purses and wallets on the table. Jewelry too. And … and the cash register. I’m taking that, too.”

Through the haze of people screaming and chair legs scraping the floor, Greta’s anger boiled to the surface faster than a frog’s tongue grabs a fly. Her body did not consult her brain. It stood on its own and shouted. “Not today! You picked the wrong day to mess with me!”

The man’s head jerked in surprise, and he pulled a gun from his coat pocket. He walked to Greta and pointed the gun in her face, its barrel inches from her nose.

“Your purse and jewelry, lady! Now! Don’t think I won’t use this thing.”

Greta’s hand sliced through the air and sent the gun flying. In one fluid motion, she grabbed his pinkie finger and bent it backward. Three more millimeters and the bone would snap. Greta used this surprise to twist the man’s arm behind his back. In the process, he tripped on the table leg, hitting his chin as he collapsed on the floor.

Greta’s fury dated back to the days when everyone called her Maggie. The time before the crash. It was too late to stop it now. Greta unleased every ounce of penned up rage onto this man.

Hint: You can read all of Chapter 1 by visiting my website https://marygantbell.com/

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About the Author

Mary Gant Bell began her writing career about fifteen years ago to give voice to the ideas rattling in her brain. She started with genealogy books and later Christian fiction romance novels. She married a man who craves adventure. Together they parent one daughter and a gaggle of attention-seeking cats. When Mary is not writing, she quilts or cleans seashells from her latest trip to the beach. She never learned to cook, so don’t show up at dinner time. She’d much rather chase her characters from chapter to chapter than preheat the oven.

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