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Janis Lane is in the Tasty Tuesday Kitchen today preparing her STUFFED FLANK STEAK recipe.

Are you hungry?

Not as easy as most of my recipes but the accolades keep me whipping it up for company and family. You’ll need a generous sized steak depending on how many people you have for dinner. This serves more than you think when it’s sliced across the grain. One side of the steak is scored, not too deep, for it to “stretch” when you close it up. I usually ask my very favorite butcher to do it for me, but it’s not hard to do it yourself. Just NOT too deep or you’ll loose the integrity of the roll. Say a fraction of an inch at most.

Braise both sides until brown in a tablespoon of oil. Set aside while you prepare the stuffing.

1 ½ cups bread crumbs. I have used the ends of bread, crackers, and occasionally left over corn bread. Stick with the prepared bread crumbs until you get the hang of the recipe. It’s simpler that way. Use your favorite seasoning or buy bread crumbs already seasoned.

1 small onion

½ chopped celery

¼ cup milk

Mix ingredients in a small bowl and moisten with milk. With the steak stretched out in a roasting pan, spoon the stuffing down the middle. Enclose the dressing and fasten with skewers. Do not use metal if you plan to microwave. I use wooden. Pour water in pan to cover about an inch and roast in oven at 350 degrees for about an hour. Keep an eye on your steak. Time may be more or less than an hour depending on the size of your steak.

Remove from oven and slice diagonally across the grain in two inch slices. Make gravy in left over liquid and serve in a bowl for guests to taste or not.

Suggest serving with asparagus, roasted potatoes, and a simple salad. Enjoy.


While the steak’s cooking, enjoy this excerpt from Emma’s lastest book, Snapshot Suspicions available from Amazon


“Good morning, Abby, my tree sprite. Did you sleep well? I thought you might stay snuggled in bed this morning after such a late night.”

“Adam.” She took a deep breath inhaling the familiar fragrance that she loved. It was all Adam who was so dear to her. She rubbed her face into his shoulder and allowed him to cuddle her for a minute more. Her body relaxed against him, her hand half encircled his rock hard forearm, but her mind struggled with her problem. She knew she had to nip this in the bud if she were ever to have peace. This was exactly what she had feared when she resisted moving in with him, even though she knew she loved him.

“Adam.” She turned her head to stare into his intensely blue eyes, and then shut hers. There was always the danger of falling into those loving pools of blue if a girl were not careful. She knew from experience how mesmerizing they could be.

“You’ve got to control that dog. I know he’s young and means no harm, but you promised to train him. I can’t keep buying new sneakers every single day.” She felt Adam’s deep chuckle before she heard it. His chest erupted in those sounds that brought a smile to her face in spite of her.


About the Author:

Emma aka Janis Lane is happiest either interacting with nature or writing about it. In the Adam and Abby adventures, the setting in Middle Florida allows her to release her happiness in words and descriptions. Hopefully her readers will enjoy the visit as much as she loves writing about it.

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