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Welcome to Wednesday Writers. Christmas is coming and there’s nothing I like better during the holiday season than a good Christmas romance (or movie). So, on Wednesdays and Thursdays I’m filling out the year with a variety of Christmas romance book posts. Today’s guest is Sharon K Connell. Sharon will be sharing about her Christian Romance Suspense Icicles to Moonbeams ~ Christmas Eve Blessings. Welcome, Sharon.


Thanks, Catherine.

Several people have asked me how the story Icicles to Moonbeams~Christmas Eve Blessings came to me. All I can say is, God put it in my mind. I’ve never been a grieving widow like Alanna McCarthy, but I know what it feels like to ache for true happiness after a heartbreak. I think all of us know that feeling.

Alana’s Grief

Maybe God had me write this story for a reader who has gone through, or is going through, the same experience Alanna faces. If my story helps a reader, I sincerely hope they’ll let me know.

Details for the setting of the medical office came easy in this story, as I worked in that field before I retired to write full-time. And who hasn’t dreamed of a dashing doctor like Christopher Maguire? Hmmm? He reminded me a little the Mr. Darcy played by Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice (at least, the Mr. Darcy in the end of that movie). But then, I based a character in one of my other books on Mr. Darcy as well. You don’t think I have a crush on Colin Firth, do you? (snicker)

Adding animals to my story is something I’ve been doing for some time now, thanks to my friend and fellow-author, Jackie Zack. She suggested adding them to the first story she read of mine, because people love furbabies. I learned that to be true after I wrote them in. Why I didn’t think of it before is a mystery to me. I love them myself. In Icicles to Moonbeams, the animals play a major part. Will you fall in love with them as did my critiquers?

Susie and Marmalade wait for Alanna

The on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense and mystery in my stories of love, fear, and the testing of faith is something I love to develop through the tale. After all, I do write Christian Romance Suspense. I try to include “Will they,” “how will they,” and “but what happened to”, among other questions. One of my critiquers got so wound up in the tension of another book of mine that she nearly flew off the chair when a phone rang beside her. I almost died laughing when she told me. I guess I’m kind of a tease in that respect. But I also like to add a twist or two, and maybe a surprise ending.

In Icicles to Moonbeams, I want the reader to wonder if the new love in Alanna’s life really is responsible for what happens, or could the obsessed former co-worker who wants Alanna all to himself be the culprit. And is the former co-worker really obsessed, or just in love. I hope my readers will have fun trying to figure it out and be satisfied at the end when they find out if they were right…or wrong.

Who will win the heart of Alanna?


Icicles to Moonbeams ~ Christmas Eve Blessings

by Sharon K Connell


Would life ever be the same for Alanna after the only man she’d ever loved died? A dog, a cat, and a handsome doctor cross her path and fill the void…at least for a while. The pets go missing, and she wonders about the doctor when he does too. But not until after he’s kissed her like no other man had ever kissed her, setting her heart on fire.

A former coworker who is determined to win her adds more stress.

Should she give up her dream of a happy life in America, leave the home her husband and she shared for ten years, and go back to Ireland?


Excerpt (from Chapter 1, a little from all three scenes)


A chill traveled through Alanna McCarthy as though icicles dripped down her spine. “How do I get over this pain?”

She pushed her bedroom window lace curtains aside and gazed out at the green and partially yellow leaves carpeting her front yard from one side to the other. Last night’s storm sure had ravaged the trees and plants. Houston trees didn’t usually lose so many leaves the first of September, not to mention several branches. But the damage matched her shattered heart. Since December twenty-second, the first day of winter last year, sharp pain like piercing icicles had replaced the warmth of Jake’s love.

The cell rang. She reached for her purse, yanked it onto the passenger seat, and fumbled for the phone. She pulled it from the purse and checked the caller ID. Steve again. Alanna shoved the cell back into the bottom of her bag and started the engine. “Why can’t that man leave me alone?” She’d told him over and over she wasn’t ready to start seeing anyone. Yet, he continued to ask. “Who on earth gave him my number?” So far, no one had owned up to it.

Prepare to ace the interview. Right! Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Her spirit and desire shriveled. All she could think of at the moment was making a big cup of hot chocolate, cutting a huge slice of chocolate cake, and dousing both with the entire can of whipped cream she had in the refrigerator from—when had she bought that? Probably too old.

What she needed was a pet to keep her company. People with pets always seemed happy. An animal would give her something to take care of, to talk to. She could handle that, couldn’t she?

But first, chocolate.

Want to read more? You can find Icicles to Moonbeams at Amazon


About the Author:

Author, Sharon K. Connell lives in Houston, Texas from where she writes Christian Romance Suspense, containing a bit of mystery and as much humor as she can get into a story.

Her education through college was received mostly in Illinois, and later she graduated from the Pensacola Bible Institute in Florida. Sharon holds a certificate in fiction writing from the International Writing Program through the University of Iowa. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, Houston Writers Guild, Authors Marketing Guild, Texas Authors, and CyFair Writers.

Connect with Sharon at her Website: http://www.authorsharonkconnell.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChristianRomanceSuspense/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SharonKConnell