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Christmas Angels: A Novel by [Naigle, Nancy]


Welcome to Wednesday Writers. Christmas is coming and there’s nothing I like better during the holiday season than a good Christmas romance (or movie). So, on Wednesdays and Thursdays I’m filling out the year with a variety of Christmas romance book posts. On Fridays look for some free Christmas romance book promotions. Today’s offering is Christmas Angels, by Nancy Naigle. Welcome, Nancy!



Hey, y’all,

Nancy Naigle here. I write small-town love stories that are appropriate for any age readers. Calling all teenagers, moms and grandmas. You can all read CHRISTMAS ANGELS this holiday season. This novel is getting lots of great reviews. Liz and Matt are wonderful together, hurdling bad news and finding ways to bring Liz’s dream to life. The town of Antler Creek, and its quirky residents, will beckon you to visit. Too bad it’s a fictional place.

But one other character is getting attention too. Elvis. He’s Matt’s 90-pound six-month-old puppy. Named for his wiggling hips, that stub of a tail just never stops, and his right lip that gets hung up on his teeth in an adorable smirk of a smile. A little inside scoop…Elvis is based on my own dog, Sarge.

Actually, we call him Large Sarge, because this cute little Pyrenean Mastiff now weighs over 180-pounds. If you’re a dog-lover you are going to enjoy what Elvis brings to this story. He’ll leave puppy paws on your heart.

Hugs and happy holiday reading, Nancy


Christmas Angels

by Nancy Naigle

Growing up, Liz Westmoreland dreamed of taking over her grandparents’ inn located in the small mountain town of Antler Creek only for it to be sold before she ever got the chance. While browsing the internet, she stumbles upon a listing for what looks to be the picturesque inn and it’s set to go to auction. Liz places a bid, and by a miracle, wins the auction. But when she gets there, she finds the property in significant disrepair.

When Matt Hardy narrowly lost the inn and property that butted his land, he just hoped it wasn’t another city slicker coming to make matters worse after the previous owners gutted the place for an art gallery. But the minute he recognized the sweet, freckle-faced girl from his childhood and heard her plans to reopen the inn, he jumps at the chance to help his childhood crush restore a place where he made so many fond memories.

While working on repairs, Liz and Matt discover her grandmother’s collection of angels in one of the cabins. When the angels start mysteriously showing up all over the inn, she begins to look at them as reassurance—that restoring the inn is what she’s meant to do. But when an accident leaves Liz feeling like she made a mistake, will Matt—and the residents of Antler Creek—be able to show Liz that she’s found a home? And possibly true love as well?



“I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. Angels Rest is practically mine.” Excitement forced Liz’s words out in a flurry. “So, how do I do this auction thing?”

“You don’t.” Her best friend Dan closed the top of the computer. “Not without going to see the condition of the house and checking to make sure you’re not also buying old liens against the place.”

“There’s no time. It goes up for auction in the morning. I’ve read through the FAQ’s; it doesn’t look that complicated. I need to get a proof of funds letter from my banker before I can bid though.”

“You’re going to bid on this place sight unseen? I have to advise against it, Liz. That’s just plain crazy.” Dan ran a hand through his hair. “You’re always talking about situations being a ‘sign’; well, maybe this is a sign that you should let this crazy idea go once and for all.”

“No. It’s not a sign to let it go. Finding out the day before Angels Rest goes up for auction is a sign it’s meant to be.” She scooted closer to him and opened the laptop again. “Look at these. The pictures don’t look so bad. Okay, so it’s overgrown, but that’s cosmetic.”

“Pictures can hide a multitude of problems. Very expensive ones, and the fact that there are only three pictures total is a red flag, especially since only one shows the house. The other is an aerial. You have no idea what it looks like inside.”

Liz wasn’t about to let her dream slip through her fingers. “It’s rustic. It’s a timber home, what could go wrong?”


About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author NANCY NAIGLE whips up small-town love stories with a dash of suspense and a whole lot of heart. Now happily retired, she devotes her time to writing, antiquing, and the occasional spa day with friends. A native of Virginia Beach, she currently calls North Carolina home.

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