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Today’s Wednesday Writers guest is Ray McGinley, author of the political suspense Theresa’s Secret Legacy. Ray has an excerpt and a giveaway today, so read on to find out more about this author and his book. Welcome Ray!


Greetings, readers. We’ve all seen casinos popping up, and now there are over 500 casinos operated by 200 different tribes. But in one particular case an Arizona tribe attempted to build a new casino far from their reservation, encroaching on the territory of other tribes. The political maelstrom which ensued became the back story of “Theresa’s Secret Legacy.” By the way, this part of the novel is true.

I’ve always thought that learning things about someone after their death has the makings of a good yarn. This became the second ingredient of the novel: a religious, charitable, salt of the earth family struggles to turn tragedy and a startling discovery into an opportunity for grace. As the mystery unfolds, I hope you might even find yourself identifying with members of the Brennan family.

Theresa’s Secret Legacy

by Ray McGinley

A knock on the door and Chris Brennan is informed by the police that his sister Theresa is dead. The police at the scene find alcohol and an antidepressant drug, and suicide is suspected. But why was she depressed? Theresa, a Catholic woman known for her charity work, was a successful court reporter working for a federal judge on a high profile case deliberating an Arizona Native American tribe’s right to build a new casino – even though legislation in place seemed to prohibit any new casinos. The high stakes casino venture has the ingredients of a fascinating tale of money and power: tribe versus tribe, Indian sovereignty versus states’ rights, and even Congress versus the White House. Chris travels to Phoenix to investigate Theresa’s death, and as he unravels Theresa’s secrets, he encounters the forces that influenced Theresa’s life. His life is threatened and he prays for God’s help as he seeks to leave an enduring legacy for his departed sister and strives to make a positive impact on a pregnant American Indian teenager. The novel was selected as a finalist in the Christian Writers of the West Rattlers contest.


“A personal representative is one kind of fiduciary—an individual whom another has trusted to manage her property and money.” [The Free Dictionary.com]


Not far from the federal court building where the late Theresa Brennan worked, a secret meeting was just beginning in a state government office building specifically chosen because it was presently unoccupied.

[After the business with the government officials was concluded,] the room was cleared and the lobbyist addressed the tribal members. “I have learned that a senior clerk in the Ninth Circuit is considering running for Congress and I have reason to believe that he is sympathetic to our cause. I know we’ve made donations to the incumbent members of Congress, but I propose we consider supporting his campaign. His name is Matthew Mellon and he is the senior clerk to Judge Eduardo Dominguez.”

“But Judge Dominguez is the one who’s been ruling in favor of the Tohonos, right?” asked one of the tribal members.

“Yes, so it might be helpful to have a friend on the inside.”

“How do you know he is with us?” someone asked.

“I would rather not answer that,” the lobbyist said.

“How large a campaign contribution do you propose?” asked the female representative from the Salt River tribes.

“Enough to put us at the top of his list,” replied the lobbyist. “I suggest you make it in cash, not check. And if you choose to report it, please do so incrementally so the amount does not attract attention.”

“Consider it done,” said the woman.

The lobbyist regarded her with a new-found respect, and he wondered about her position in the tribal hierarchy. He was curious to see the amount the tribes would contribute to the Mellon campaign. It would give him an idea of how much he might be paid if he could block the Tohono’s plan [for a new casino off their reservation]. If he can get enough money in the right hands, he thought to himself, he just might pull it off.

As everyone was leaving the lobbyist approached the woman.

“I feel I should know you,” he said, extending his hand.

She paused, then reluctantly offered her hand. The lobbyist studied her face and decided she would be beautiful if it were not for a crooked nose.

“My name is Winona Hawk. You can contact me if you need anything.”

“Do you have a way to deliver the money to our candidate, or do you need me to arrange it?”

“I can manage. My brother is adept at such things.”

“Winona, may I ask your position in the tribe?”

“It’s better for you not to know too much. You will be sent a message after the olive branch has been extended to the candidate. Further instructions will come later. Goodbye.”

Winona’s long hair swayed rhythmically as she walked away, but her femininity was diminished by the stomping of her boots on the wood floor.


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About the Author:

Ray McGinley is a retired electrical engineer having spent thirty-five years with Honeywell Aerospace where he received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. He grew up in northeast Philadelphia, attended LaSalle High School, and received a BS degree from Drexel University. He holds several patents related to aircraft electrical power systems. Before relocating to Arizona in 1974, he was a member of the Big Brothers Association and was a company clerk in the US Army Reserve. He has been married to Kathleen (nee Flanagan) since 1972; they have six children and thirteen grandchildren. Two of his short stories have been published in Liguorian magazine.

Where can readers purchase my books?

Available in paperback or ebook at Amazon, BookLocker, or contact me by email: authormcginley@gmail.com

Where can readers find Ray online?

Ray’s website is https://authorray.com/