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It’s National Sewing Month!

September is National Sewing Month. According the National Sewing Month website, this observance of sewing came about in 1982 when President Ronald Reagan declared September National Sewing Month “In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.”

I don’t know where you learned to sew, but I got my start at school in Home Economics and from watching my mother sew. The first thing I ever remember sewing was a simple apron. The girls in Home Ec. took a length of fabric, sewed a hem on two opposite sides. Then we ran a twill ribbon long enough to go around our waists into the hem opening. I chose a gold, solid fabric, which was probably from my mother’s quilt stash. It wasn’t very pretty, but it was serviceable. I can still see that project in my mind’s eye.

From there, I learned how to sew my own clothes and made many of my dresses as a teenager. As an adult I often sewed doll clothes and dresses for my daughter. I even made a couple of suit coats and pants for my husband. Nowadays most of my sewing projects are mending for my daughter and quilt tops

My first sewing machine was a gift from my husband on our first Christmas together. I remember the thrill of opening the box and finding a heavy, metal, yet portable Kenmore sewing machine, which I still have and use. Later, he made me a cabinet to hold the machine, which you can see below. The right side of the cabinet raises to hold the machine and the left side of the cabinet also raises, providing an additional flat area to lay your project on while stitching. When completely folded, the cabinet forms a cube with a tilt-out section at the back to hold the machine.

A few years ago I got a second, much lighter sewing machine to carry to quilting. The metal one weighs a ton! And I don’t have the muscles to tote that baby around anymore.

To celebrate national Sewing Month, why not stitch a project or two? Even better, since home economics is a thing of the past in schools, why not introduce your children to sewing? You’ve got the whole month, which is enough time to complete a simple project, like the apron I talked about earlier. The apron is an easy project you can do with a daughter or son who likes to cook. You can even add a square of fabric at the waist, sew on two straps on the front edges and make an apron that covers the chest as well as the lower part of the body. A great way to keep clean. Decorate the apron by stitching on your child’s name. Or let them paint a picture of food on the fabric using fabric markers. When children have their own aprons cooking with Mom is a lot more fun.

Are you a sewer? What was your first sewing project?

Don’t know where to start? Here are some links to free projects on the National Sewing Month website and the Sewing and Craft Alliance website.

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