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A Groom for Mama, my award-winning sweet romantic comedy, with a touch of drama, EBook is free on Amazon now through June 10.

If you don’t know anything about the book let me fill you in.

Beverly Walters is dying, and before she goes she has one wish—to find a groom for her daughter. To get the deed done, Mama enlists the dating service of Jack Somerset, Allison’s former boyfriend.

The last thing corporate-climbing Allison wants is a husband. Furious with Mama’s meddling, and a bit more interested in Jack than she wants to admit, Allison agrees to the scheme as long as Mama promises to search for a cure for her terminal illness.

A cross-country trip from Nevada to Ohio ensues, with a string of disastrous dates along the way, as the trio hunts for treatment and A Groom For Mama.

A Groom for Mama won the Contemporary category in 2109 Uncaged Book Review Raven Awards.

Here’s what Amazon readers are saying about the book:

  • “I immediately fell in love with these delightful characters and had a hard time putting this book down….” Joanne Guidoccio
  • “Castle writes with humor. The author excels at building romantic tension and also touching the hearts of readers with family drama. The novel moved me to tears a few times….” Sandy Hart
  • “….This book is filled with a lot of love and heartfelt emotion. Beautifully written, it tugged on every one of my heartstrings and tickled my funny bone at the same time.” AuthorLady 8
  • “What a sweet book. I even teared up towards the end. I devoured it in two nights. If you are looking for a sweet Hallmark-esque romance read, this one is for you.” Erin Clark:
  • “A Groom for Mama is a well written, delightful romantic comedy penned by author Catherine Castle….I recommend this story if you’re in the mood for a one-of-a-kind story that entertains as well as delivers a refreshing message.” Virginia J Foster:
  • “…This is a great romantic comedy you won’t want to miss!” Rose A MCCauley
  • “An enjoyable read full of fun and wit and heart-felt emotions. You knew the hero and heroine would end up together, with a little help from ‘mama’, and it was fun to experience the journey. A wonderful story of love and friendship and caring.” Sandy’s Fire

Here’s an Excerpt to whet your appetite

A Groom for Mama

by Catherine Castle

Bounding down the stairwell as the bell rang, Allison shouted, “I’m coming! I’m coming. Keep your pants on!” She threw the deadbolt off and jerked open the door.

Jack Somerset stood in front of her, his chin perched on top of a stack of Chinese take-out cartons. Shoving down her tingling gut reaction, she commanded her heart to stop jumping like an overexcited puppy.

Except for a few more laugh wrinkles around his eyes, Jack hadn’t changed a bit since college. His brown hair still dipped over his forehead in a shaggy mane. A lopsided smile spread across his face when he saw her. He winked at her, his green eyes twinkling.

“Well, if it isn’t the bride-to-be. Nice to see you again, Allison.” He jiggled the cartons balanced in his arms. “I brought Chinese. I remember it was your favorite. Moo shu pork, right?” He pushed past her and headed toward the kitchen, apparently as well acquainted with her childhood home as she.

Grabbing her head between her hands, she squeezed her temples.

Chinese. Of all the things he could have brought, he brought Chinese.

She’d broken it off with him in a Chinese restaurant . . . over moo shu pork. Very loudly and very violently. The pork and the pot of hot tea had landed in Jack’s lap when he tried to keep her from leaving the table. Did his choice of entrees mean Jack hadn’t forgotten the incident? She hadn’t, and she’d been unable to eat that particular Chinese dish since.

Want to read more? Pop over to Amazon and get your copy! And, when you’re done reading consider leaving a review. Authors love reviews! I hope you love A Groom for Mama as much as the other readers have.


About the Author:

Multi-award winning author Catherine Castle loves writing, reading, traveling, singing, theatre, quilting and gardening. She’s a passionate gardener whose garden won a “Best Hillside Garden” award from the local gardening club. She writes sweet and inspirational romances. You can find her award-winning Soul Mate books The Nun and the Narc and A Groom for Mama, on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Follow her on Twitter @AuthorCCastle, FB or her blog.