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Welcome to A Writer’s Garden where writers who are gardeners or just love gardens will be sharing their garden and flower stories, as well as a bit about their writing.

Today’s guest is Donna Alice Patton. Welcome, Donna!



Garden Memories

by Donna Alice Patton

There’s a famous saying that God gave us memories so we might have roses in December. While I can’t credit the author of the quote, I’ve often thought how apt the saying is for gardeners.

Years ago, my grandmother bought a wooden plaque in a novelty store. She loved the picture of a blonde child, in a peach dress, running through a field of daisies. The caption on top read, “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” Grandma Nin always said it reminded her of my cousin, Amy, and a special afternoon we spent at a park.

Often, I’ll look around my garden – or gardens – even though most are just ovals or a strip or two beside the garage or house – and memories will come blossoming into thought. Not just of the person who might have given me a specific plant or bulb, but of moments. Ordinary moments. Extra special moments or too often – never to be repeated again moments with people no longer on Earth.

When I look around my own garden spots, I too recall specific moments. Like the warm, sunny day when my sweet, great niece, Ava and I inspected the apple trees for spring blooms. Or another day in late May when some of the great nephews and nieces found we had a LOT of strawberries in one of the raised beds.

There are other moments too – of finding the first lilies in bloom. Or discovering that a beloved cat had just undone all my hard work of spreading mulch or planting new flowers in the hanging baskets. For some reason, the cats loved my hanging baskets or porch boxes. They made lovely beds with the nice, soft, freshly planted petunias.

Now that some of those kitties are gone – I wonder why I minded so much having them sleep among the flowers on a warm, summer evening. But, never mind, that’s why God gave us our memories. So that along with remembering the roses in December, we can also remember a drizzly, spring day when three little girls wanted to dance around the new green grass with pink parasols.

It’s one of my favorite garden memories.

What are yours?


About the Writer/Gardener

My love of gardening began with two packets of five cent seeds – parsley and pansies. Since then, while I still love pansies and parsley, my gardening aspirations have grown. They now include a mini-orchard, small rose garden, various bulb and flower ovals and several raised beds.

While I write in many different genres, my upcoming book is for young adults – and adults who are still kids at heart. For everyone who loves gardens and mysteries, you’ll love “The Mystery in the Maze” from Solstice Publishing. Available through Amazon    You can visit me on Facebook

What do ten silver dollars, an invasion of annoying relatives and a cackling voice in a mysterious, overgrown maze have in common? Eleven-year-old Maggie Brandenburg! While most of the US suffers through the Great Depression of the 1930’s, all Maggie’s first-wish-on-a-star dreams have come true. Her family has a new home. Maggie and her twin sister, Em, are enjoying school and their first ever new bicycles. Best of all, her parents aren’t struggling to make a living. Life would be a bowl of cherries – except for those pesky, lip-biting worries. If those vanished silver dollars aren’t found. . . if the relatives can’t be helped . . . and if that maze didn’t hold so many mysteries! Mysteries that are squeezing all the happiness out of Maggie’s dreams. Can Maggie find her way through the tangled maze before time runs out?