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Welcome to the Tuesday Wedding Tales blog series, where wedding-themed stories are the fare.

 Today’s guest is Katie Clark and she’ll be talking about her book Securing the Handyman’s Heart. Welcome, Katie!


The Story Behind The Story:

Securing the Handyman’s Heart

One morning I woke up from a dream, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The dream was about a girl, and she had a boyfriend whom she had been with for years. Yet, they weren’t married. In my dream, she was so frustrated with him because he hadn’t ever proposed.

I kept thinking of this gal, and how this scenario happens all the time. I kept thinking of romance stories, and how much we all love them—yet, a lot of times in life things just don’t work that way. I started thinking how, in spite of our lives not following a set pattern, they’re no less special and romantic and fantastic.

My mind went to work from there, and I began putting together elements of Securing the Handyman’s Heart. I thought it would be fun to get to push the hero into finally making a decision (hee hee!). And I wanted to showcase that life is special regardless of the path it takes.

I like how Securing the Handyman’s Heart isn’t the typical “head over heels” romance (though there’s definitely lots of romance!), because sometimes in real life things just don’t work that way. We don’t always get our happy endings exactly the way we’d thought they would happen, you know?



Local cupcake queen Kayla Dobbs is feeling the heat—just as her bakery is finally taking off, her retired parents start pressuring her to move to Florida. Determined to prove her success, she takes on extra work at the bakery and fibs a little about the depth of her love life. When her mother announces an upcoming visit to meet the lucky guy, Kayla makes a pact with her friends to get a proposal from George Marks, town handyman extraordinaire. The problem is, George seems totally indifferent.

George Marks has enough on his plate with running his business, taking care of an ailing but feisty grandmother, and the possibility of a new business venture on the horizon. But when bumping into Kayla becomes a strangely routine thing, he’s surprised to realize it has also become the highlight of his days. As business spirals out of control and Granny takes a turn for the worse, he’s sure he made one too many commitments.

With a dash of matchmaking granny and a pinch of secret cupcake recipe, Kayla and George find themselves in one messy kitchen. But will they find themselves in love?


Kayla Dobbs studied the handyman leaning into her commercial oven. “Can you fix it?” she asked. The stupid thing wouldn’t come on this morning when she’d arrived at 4:00 a.m.

George jiggled a few pieces back into place, grunted, and hauled all six-foot two of himself out of his crouched position. His white T-shirt was slightly too small—not that she was noticing—and his brown hair now hung slightly down his forehead. He brushed it aside before answering. “Heating element’s bad. I have one in the truck.”

“You just happen to have one on hand?” She eyed him, suspicious. She’d hoped to score a few hours with George out of this broken oven mess. An emergency fix was the only time she got to see him, and she did like seeing him.

He shrugged one shoulder. “I figured what it was when you called, so I stopped by the warehouse before I came.” He wiped his hands on a towel and tossed it into her sink.

Kayla sighed and leaned against the counter as he strode outside to his truck.

The broken oven was an inconvenience—she’d had to bake all of her goodies for the bakery this morning in a single oven, which had taken twice as long—but she’d been excited to see George. It’d been two months since they’d last gone out, though they’d gone on a handful of dates over the last few years. She liked his easy smile and bright green eyes, the warmth of his hand holding hers, and even his smell—sawdust and glue. He obviously didn’t return the sentiments, or he would have asked her out again.

George returned, his dark hair shimmering with sweat. “It’s a hundred degrees out there.”

“Hot summer,” Kayla said. She leaned her elbows on the counter, facing him as he worked. “So, what have you been up to?”

“Mostly work.” He leaned into the oven again.

Kayla waited for more, but it didn’t come. “Don’t you ever take a break?”

“Not lately.”

She bit her lip, racking her brain for something to say. It shouldn’t be this hard to talk to him. Seriously. They’d known each other for three years, ever since George had installed the very first ovens in The Cupcakery. Conversation should be easy by now.

“I have a big order tonight, so I’m glad you could get to this so fast.” And she was. Baking everything in one oven for tonight would have been a nightmare. The kitchen of The Cupcakery was large and airy. It was perfect, really, but working with one oven when you were making a few hundred cupcakes was no easy task.

He pulled his head out of the oven long enough to grin at her. “I had to postpone some jobs, but it was worth it.”

Warmth crept through her belly. Maybe he wasn’t totally indifferent.

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About the Author:

KATIE CLARK started reading fantastical stories in grade school and her love for books never died. Today she reads in all genres; her only requirement is an awesome story! She writes inspirational romance as well as young adult speculative fiction, including her YA supernatural novel, Shadowed Eden, as well as The Enslaved Series. You can connect with her at her website, on Facebook, or on Twitter.