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Today’s Wednesday Writers’ guest is Emma Lane. Emma has been a guest before and I’m delighted to welcome her back as she talks about her Regency Romance Lady Jane’s Tryst. Welcome, Emma!


Thanks, Catherine.

I have long suspected writers love research. Our curiosity level seems improbably high as we happily delve deeper and deeper into a chosen subject. The most serious problem is pulling out of the descent to get on with the business of finishing the book. I confess I wanted to learn more about Brighton, UK, a city on the coast made famous by King George IV when he was only a royal nicknamed ‘Prinny.’

Even today Brighton is a vacation site where the amazing castle created by the soon-to-be-king is a museum. I dropped a boarding school for young ladies just to the right in the city, where Poor Lady Jane resided without a single day’s absence for five long years. Her peculiar father occasionally visited, but never invited her home, not once. It’s not to be wondered that she made a habit of wandering around in the evening hours when everyone in the school house was asleep. She kept boredom at bay creating her own amusement, but never expected the meet with a mysterious English pirate; no he was a spy, since he wore his coal-black hair long with a kerchief tied around. She could be forgiven for mistaking him as a dangerous man. Only after he kissed her was she perturbed by his presence, such was her longing for adventure. Lady Jane and her pirate/spy began an association with long and enduring consequences. Author Emma Lane enjoyed every minute as she followed her heroine throughout the city of Brighton. Join her as Lady Jane makes her way daily gaining independence, facing life on her own in the English Regency World during the early 1800’s.


Lady Jane’s Tryst

By Emma Lane

Ripe for adventure, Lady Jane welcomes the charming pirate who offers her the excitement she craves.

Five years at Miss Agatha’s Finishing School for Young Ladies in Brighton, without a single day away, leaves Lady Jane longing for any respite to liven her deadened senses. An accidental meeting with a handsome stranger initiates a journey of danger, excitement, affection and eventually love, even as Lady Jane wonders if a person could be considered an orphan while still possessing a parent.


“Shhhh, Marianne. We are in danger of being discovered if you keep jumping about like that and talking. Do contain yourself!” She whirled around to grip her friend by the arm.

“I am frightened, Jane. Let’s go back. What will they do to us if we are discovered?” Marianne’s voice was strained and high pitched. She clenched Jane’s shawl and almost pulled it off her shoulders.

“Behead us, most likely.” She turned and stared at her friend directly. “I can see you are not best suited for this adventure. Do you wish to go back?” she added gently.

“Noo, yes! I apologize for my weakness. May we return to school now?” Tears ran down the chubby cheeks of the sixteen year old as she stood, hands clasped, in the semi-darkness of the doorway.

“Do you know the way back? I’d like to stay a bit longer. Turn toward that shop and you’ll find the Old Ship hotel. Take the walkway to the mews and you’ll come out right at the fence we climbed over. Can you go by yourself?” Marianne nodded and turned away almost skipping in her haste to leave.

Jane suppressed a pang of guilt at deserting her cowardly friend, but her desire to observe one of the famous suppers at the Prince Regent’s pavilion in Brighton was stronger. She moved cautiously forward, clutching her borrowed shawl tightly around her coarse muslin gown. The maid at Miss Agatha Nighting’s Finishing School for Young Ladies was first aghast and then amused when Jane talked her into the loan.

Her idea was a good one. She’d simply present at the back door as a newly hired kitchen maid. Once granted entry, she could find her way into the dining room and observe to her heart’s content. Those dinners were famous and lasted into the wee hours of the morning. To a bored school girl almost never allowed outside the walls enclosing the school building, the adventure was irresistible.

With her head on the descriptions she’d heard about the Regent’s famous Brighton pavilion, she failed to notice a movement to her left, until a hand was placed firmly over her mouth and a strong arm encircled her waist. A rough bearded face scraped her own smooth cheek and a deep voice whispered directly into her startled ear.

“Quiet now,” he commanded and shook her a bit for emphasis. “I won’t hurt you, but you must keep quiet. No, don’t try to get away. I need you to be still!” He walked backward holding and almost dragging her until they were hidden behind a pillar. The torch burning nearby flickered elongated shadows exposing three men moving clandestinely across their line of vision. Her capturer pulled her even closer, tightening his grip on her middle section until she thought her ribs would break.

As if she had dreamed up the threat, the three men melted away from her sight into the surrounding gloom. She wriggled and tried to pull his hand away from her mouth.

“Do you promise not to scream?” he asked still whispering. “I think I mistook you for a house maid in that outfit. I am fairly certain the fragrance I detect is from a particular brand of French soap. Did your mistress share with you? No, I think not. You are in disguise, are you not?” Jane nodded her head up and down vigorously and heard him chuckle into her hair. His hand slid slowly away from her mouth, but caressed her cheek as it pulled away. He rested it on the back of her neck with his arm still firmly around her waist.

“A delectable armful, young Miss Mysterious. What are you doing out here in the dark all alone? Looking for trouble, no doubt.”


Want to read more? Check out the book at Amazon.  Warning for readers of sweet romance: this book may contain sensuous scenes.

About the Author

Emma Lane shares her love for writing with her love for beautiful flowers. Ms. Lane lives in Western NY near beautiful Niagara Falls. You can connect with her at: