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The reviews are starting to come in, and readers agree that A Groom for Mama is a story that tugs on your heartstrings while delivering lots of fun, wit, and humorous moments. I’m thrilled that readers are loving the book! I hope you’ll hop over to Amazon to get your copy soon.

Today I’m over at Carole Ann Moleti’s blog talking about my writing journey, what inspires me, and the humor in my writing. There’s also another excerpt from my sweet, romantic comedy, A Groom for Mama.

Here’s a tidbit from my interview.

Carole: Tell us a little about yourself and your writing

Catherine: Before becoming a romance writer I was a freelance writer for 10 years for a local newspaper. I had no formal training for the job. One day, I just thought, I can write as well as this reporter. Egotistical and naïve, I know, but sometimes that’s what gets us where we need to be. So I studied the paper, tried to come up with an idea to pitch, and with my knees shaking so hard I thought you could hear them knocking, I approached the editor and … To read more of the interview click here

A Groom for Mama by Catherine Castle

One date for every medical test—that’s the deal. Allison, however, gets more than she bargains for. She gets A Groom for Mama.