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Today, at Lillian Duncan’s blog, Tiaras and Tennis Shoes-Celebrating Life, Love, Laughter and Books you’ll have a chance to read another excerpt from my sweet romantic comedy, A Groom for Mama, and I’m offering another free copy of the Ebook to one lucky commenter. If you want more on the book, and me, you can hop over to June Foster’s blog to see The Question Every Author Wants to Answer with, “Yes!”

To whet your appetite, here’s a snippet of the post at Tiaras and Tennis Shoes-Celebrating Life, Love, Laughter and Books.

Celebrating Life, Love, Laughter and Nuptials

There’s nothing more joyous than a wedding. The excitement of getting the engagement ring; finding the perfect wedding dress; choosing a venue; spending all that money; and of course, the bliss of two people, hopefully deep in love, starting a new life, full of happiness, expectation, and promise.

Unless, there’s a third and a fourth person in that mix—say a meddling Mama and an ex-boyfriend that you haven’t been able to forget. Then things can start to get a bit complicated. To read more and get entered for a free book, click here…