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There’s less than a  day left to play the dating game I set up on my Pick a Date and Win an Ebook post on release day for a chance to win a free Ebook of A Groom for Mama. You can click here to get a chance to win between now and September 12. The game ends at noon Tuesday September 12, at noon Eastern Standard Time and I will announce a winner. So play soon to for a chance to get an E-copy of the romantic comedy reviewers are calling “Simply Delightful” and “An enjoyable read, full of fun and wit and heart-felt emotions.”

Today I’m at Sloane Taylor’s Blog with an excerpt from A Groom for Mama, and I’m also over at Sandra M. Hart’s Historical Nibbles bog series talking wedding cake. Everyone loves a good wedding cake—right?

Historical Nibbles is all about food, and I’ll be letting you in on the history of wedding cakes and giving you a historical recipe for wedding cake that I’ll bet you never knew about.

If there’s one thing we know about wedding cakes today, it’s that they come in a wide variety of style, flavors and sizes. If you look on the internet you can find wedding cakes ranging from simple two or three layers to towering monstrosities or multi-flavored cakes connected with plastic bridges and even individual cupcakes. But nowhere have I seen a wedding cake that resembles the one the groom broke over his bride’s head in Roman times. In ancient history, and even up to Victorian times, the wedding cake bore little resemblance to the sweet confections of today. To read more click here…