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It’s Day 4 of the blog tour for A Groom for Mama, and I’ve got another post and  reminder to play the dating game I set up on my Pick a Date and Win an Ebook post on release day for a chance to win a free Ebook of A Groom for Mama. You can click here to get a chance to win between now and September 12. Winners will be announced on Tuesday September 12, at noon. So play soon.

I’m at Jodie Wolfe’s Stories Where Hope and Quirky Meet blog with an excerpt from the book and peek at How I Decided to write A Groom for Mama. I think Jodie’s blog title fits my story perfectly…the plot is a bit on the quirky side and love is always hopeful.

Like my first book, this newest book A Groom for Mama, was a long time in the making. This sweet, romantic comedy, with a touch of drama, began as a radio play my husband and I wrote for a contest back in 2003, in which a dying mother insists her son get married before she passes. The whole radio play had to fit into a time slot of about 20 minutes. Events happened fast and furiously, with snappy dialogue, and a lot of sound effects to illustrate what was happening. The play finaled in the contest, but didn’t win, and we set it aside, calling it an exercise in playwriting. We were into writing plays and skits back then. To read more, click here