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When a Play Becomes a Book

By Catherine Castle


It’s day 3 of my blog tour for my sweet romantic comedy, A Groom for Mama, and I’m over at Rose Allen McCauley’s Stories from Small Towns with Big Hearts blog talking about where I got the idea for A Groom for Mama.

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And now, on to today’s blog tour post at Rose Allen McCauley’s blog site.

Readers often want to know where we writers get our ideas. They are everywhere. Sometimes you even borrow from yourself. Take my newest book A Groom for Mama—it’s not an original idea, at least to me.

In 2003 my husband and I were into writing plays. We were part of a drama group at our large church and had been participating in drama as actors and as playwrights, when my hubby heard an announcement on our local radio advertising a contest for radio plays.

You may not be old enough to remember radios plays, but we are. They were a great source of entertainment filled with sound effects. Actors had nothing but their voices and sound effects with which to tell the story. That’s quite a challenge. Additionally, our church had recently presented a musical that had some musical and theatrical clips from radio advertising and dramas. My husband got to play The Shadow in one of the clips. Radio was on our minds. So, when we heard about the contest, my husband and I decided to write a radio play and enter it. To read more click here…