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Today I’m welcoming Darlene Franklin back to Wednesday Writers. Darlene has been a frequent guest author on the series, and today she’s going to give us some historical background on the Acadians and the part they play in her book Mermaid’s Song. Welcome back, Darlene.


Thanks, Catherine.

Acadians were French settlers in the area now known as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick , Prince Edward Island in the 17th century

Acadians settled on the coast four years before French settlers went to Quebec on the St. Lawrence River. Acadians and French had different cultures.

Acadians became French subjects according to the treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

When the French and Indian War began in 1754, British doubted the neutrality of the Acadians and kicked them out, A few remained in Maine (Eddie Bourgoin in Acadian Hearts is one of these Acadians) but the most ended up in Louisiana, the Cajuns.

The deportation was called Le Grand Derangement or The Expulsion of 1755.

During the French and Indian War, in 1754, the British built a palisaded star fort to prevent the Canadians and the Indians from using the Kennebec River to attack English settlements.

That’s the historical background of Mermaid’s Song.

Justine is an Acadian being deported to an unknown destination in the colonies when her boat is shipwrecked near Ft. Hallifax. She alone survives. She is taken in by a merchant’s family, but others suspect her of being a foreign spy.


Mermaid’s Song

by Darlene  Franklin

Noble Prescott is drawn to the scene of a shipwreck by a sweet song sung in a language he didn’t understand. The songstress is barely alive, holding onto a piece of the ship’s railing. Her dress wraps around her legs like a mermaid’s tail.

Thus begins this imaginative retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale.

Justine Battineaux, an Acadian forced from her homeland on Cape Breton Island by British decree, finds herself adrift in the Maine colony. She doesn’t know the language and is distrusted as a foreigner.

Noble lives up to his name, providing shelter for Justine—and protection, as distrust turns into danger. For himself, his family—and the woman he comes to love.

How will Justine and Noble overcome the evil woman’s schemes to find their own love everlasting?

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About the Author:

Best-selling hybrid author Darlene Franklin’s greatest claim to fame is that she writes full-time from a nursing home. Mermaid Song is her fiftieth unique title! She’s also contributed to more than twenty nonfiction titles. Her column, “The View Through my Door,” appears in five monthly venues. Other recent titles are Wilderness Weddings and Opposites Attract. You can find her online at: Website and blog, Facebook, Amazon author page


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