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Today, we have gardener/author Carole Ann Moleti on A Writer’s Gardening with some beautiful pictures oh her hostas, and talking about garden clutter and getting rid of it. Welcome, Carole Ann

Thanks, Catherine,.

In gardening, as in writing, I find it difficult to get rid of things. The clutter sneaks up and gets out of control. I just can’t discard “my darlings” be they plants taking over a plot, escaping a border, or clever phrases and lush description concealing a storyline. So I reduce, reuse, and recycle everything.

A couple of years ago, my Black-Eyed Susans took over the front yard, and I culled several of them to fill in my mother’s flowerbeds. I edited more than 20,000 words out of my upcoming novel: flowery sections of prose that smothered the storyline. They’re being used as teasers bonus content for my newsletter subscribers.

This year, the Hostas are choking out the groundcover and daylilies. They’re dangling over the border onto the patio and into the driveway. My colorful accents have become a monotonous behemoth. So I grabbed a shovel and filled about fifteen pots with the lush foliage, giving most of them away to friends, saving some for our upstate cottage that needs things the deer do not favor (I let them sample the corn and crab apples).

Now the sculptures can be seen, the dead leaves hiding under the leaves are composted, and the Cana lilies are poking through the canopy. Next week, I’ll take a spade to the massive pinwheels of color spinning out of control in the front yard before they roll over the lilies of the valley and the remaining Black Eyed Susans.

My new novel, Storm Watch, the third book in the Unfinished Business Series of paranormal romances, is being released on June 28. Back to work.


About the Author:

 Gardener/writer Carole Ann Moleti has been gardening since she was old enough to remember. Her favorite things about gardening are the sense of peace and oneness with nature, bees buzzing, butterflies alighting, the fragrance of flowers, the field mice, frogs, and toads. When she’s not gardening, Carole is writing in a variety of genres including spicy paranormal romance, gritty urban fantasy, memoir, and nonfiction that range from the sweet and sentimental to the snarky and irreverent. You can see her portfolio at http://amzn.to/23KBru8 and find out more about her at http://caroleannmoleti.com/