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Today I’m welcoming D.R. Grady back to the blog. D.R. has been a guest on the blog several times. Click on the highlighted words to see some of her other posts. It’s always a pleasure to have her visit again. She’s got an interesting post on Army Rangers, because the hero of her book The Trouble with Nerds is one of those big, bad boys who put themselves on the line to protect us. Go Army! And Go Nerds! They make the world run.

Well, that’s enough of my grandstanding. Let’s get on to the matter at hand and the excerpt D.R. has provided for us about her contemporary romance with suspense elements, The Trouble with Nerds.


Army Rangers


Cole Morrison, the hero of The Trouble with Nerds, is a retired Army Ranger. He had to leave the military earlier than expected, and he’s not happy about it. Most likely because it’s difficult to become an Army Ranger, as the training is rigorous and takes utter dedication.

Only men are currently permitted to train as an Army Ranger as of this writing. They must show potential as leaders, as well as display stamina, discipline, courage, and motivation. Once the potential candidate meets both the necessary physical fitness and academic goals, he then enters Army Ranger School and must complete the three following phases: Benning, Mountain, and Florida.

They have to learn to safely parachute jump in addition to learning how to navigate on land, both during the day and night. They also train for mountain, desert, water, and swamp survival.

Their training is arduous because they are expected to combat others with impressive fighting skills. Therefore, these candidates excel under intense conditions. Army Rangers experience food and sleep deprivation and must learn to persevere through these circumstances. Their training is so harsh, candidates have died. (This doesn’t happen often, fortunately.) They train to the limits of their endurance.

They undergo extensive physical training, but are also assessed in their mental capabilities throughout their schooling. How they handle various situations, their reaction to the hardships they face, and how quickly they solve problems are all part of this evaluation.

Army Ranger candidates are extensively trained in combat arms as many will be fighting in close combat, and/or direct fire situations. They also undergo driver instruction, rope training, map reading, and medical basics, as well as other intensive studies they will need while working as a Ranger.

Once the candidate has completed his training, he is then permitted to wear the tan beret, which marks him as a seasoned warrior. His grueling training serves him well on each combat mission he faces. These men are among the United States Armed Forces most elite warriors.

And, I must add, they make excellent heroes for those of us who write romance novels.






by D. R. Grady


Odd things keep happening to Dr. Sara Newton. She’s a soon-to-be-unemployed pediatrician with an alleged stalker, a hot cop on her heels breathing dire warnings, and way too much student debt.

It doesn’t help that the hot cop is Clay Morrison, her best friend’s older brother. The man has made her heart pound and her palms sweaty since puberty. The trouble is, he only interacts with her when he’s expounding on new security measures. He sees threats everywhere.

Clay Morrison is frustrated. He hates his new job, misses his Army Ranger days, loves his well-meaning, pushy family—and when did sweet Sara Newton grow up? She won’t admit she has a stalker, and she won’t keep out of his thoughts. He can only protect someone in denial for so long. No matter how attractive she is…

Clay and Sara are circling each other, trying to meet in the middle. Then a brand new threat sends them in a completely different direction.



She glanced at her watch when they stood to pull on their coats. “How have two hours passed?”

His lips quirked. “I enjoyed myself.”

“The service wasn’t slow.”

“No, but we didn’t hurry.”

“We didn’t.” There had been no need. “I enjoyed this evening. Despite it being Monday.”

He settled one large hand in the small of her back again. Standing in her personal space, as they exited the restaurant.

Her brain buzzed with questions. Had she actually relaxed in his presence that long? What had they talked about? What did she eat? Did he consider them a couple?

They strolled across the parking lot and stopped beside his vehicle. The massive SUV sheltered them as a nearby streetlight cast a glary glow across them and the vehicles on either side.

Sara glanced up at his face. Cast partly in shadow by the light and angle, it appeared even more intriguing.

“Why are you spending so much time on me?” Oh no, I didn’t just blurt that question, right?

“You’re in danger.”

Nothing else could have punctured her love haze as effectively.

“I see.” Weak, Sara.

He tilted her face to his with a forefinger under her chin. “And because I’ve been thinking about you for years.”

She gasped. “For years?”

“Sure. I first noticed you when you turned sixteen.”

“You were in the army by then.”

“It wasn’t until I’d been gone for a while that I recognized you were growing up.”

She hitched one shoulder. “Everyone does.”

“I wasn’t paying attention while still at home.” His voice remained guarded, as though there might be more details, but he didn’t intend to share them.

Wanting to know those details she placed a hand on his arm. At the same time, he wrapped both arms around her and hauled her against his hard body. His warmth and scent encompassed her, throwing any brain function into neutral.

Then his lips covered hers.

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D.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes, and writing stories that resonate with others.

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