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March is National Craft Month, and I like to craft.

I’m a closet Martha-Stewart-wannabe without the extra time needed to do it all up right. Anyway,  I talked about this special holiday earlier this month on Stitches Thru Time, a group blog where I post monthly with a group of lovely ladies. So, I thought I’d share that crafting post with my own readers this week.

Everyone knows about knitting, crochet, sewing, and quilting. These are fairly common crafts using standard materials. But have you considered the lowly button when it comes to crafting?

When I was a teenager, my mother and I used to go to this warehouse fabric shop and get material to make our clothes really cheaply. The also had a huge bin filled with buttons. Mom would always buy a mason jar of buttons every time we shopped there. Sometimes there would be enough matching buttons to use on a dress or blouse, but most of the time they were mismatched.

While Mom didn’t do much with her buttons, I discovered later in life that buttons were kinda cool. Buttons are not just for closing your shirts. They can embellish pillows, add creative touches to clothing, create mosaic styled pictures, add pizzaz to your handcrafted cards, become the base for crocheted flowers, or decorate your hair. You can even create jewelry using buttons. And jewelry is right up my alley—costume, beads, real gems, or any other medium. Just ask my hubby.

Here are some button items from the jewelry chests of my family members.

Antique matching button bracelet and earrings that belonged to my mother-in-law.

Crocheted and fabric covered button pin (red and black) made for me by my sister-in-law and black and white fabric covered earrings that match a scarf I got from my mother-in-law.





Button necklace: Note the small beads sewn on one side, which gives it a reversible look.

My niece Jacque’s button bracelet. Notice that it’s twice the width of my bracelet. Both Jacque’s and my bracelets are crocheted with elastic thread. The buttons are attached by crocheting the buttons to the band by catching the loop shanks of the buttons on the outer side of the elastic band.

These are only a few examples of the types of button jewelry you can make. For more ideas, just search the internet for button jewelry and get inspired to create using the humble, mostly utilitarian, but often beautiful button. My own research for this post set me off on a trip to the craft store. The possibilities for unique jewelry are endless.

Happy Crafting!