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book-cover-angels-abound-with-loveToday Author Janis Lane is here at Wednesday Writers to tell us about her Christian Romance Angels Abound with Love. She’ll also be sharing an excerpt of her book. Janis, what’s the concept behind Angels Abound with Love? By the way, I love the cover on this book!


Thanks, Catherine.

Who has cried out, Please God, help me! and never wondered afterwards if your panicked prayer had been heard? Angels Abound is a romantic story that peeks into the lives of church members who question how God works in their everyday activities. Love in all its many phases plays an important role. Which young couple finds more than they thought? Love is in the air! Different forms of prayer are studied and questions posed by Peter, the Director of Religious Study who privately wonders if pretty Sarah is a gift straight from God. Serious debate is heard discussing Messengers of God–a current phenomenon of today? Is that wedding bells ringing, and what is that blue tint in the air? And finally, what is Christian Fellowship and how does it benefit normal lives?

Join the church members of small town America as they interact, live, and love practicing their Christian faith.


Angels Abound with Love

By Janis Lane



Mark Mallory turned his attention to the delicate face gazing down at him and felt a slight jolt to his constitution. Surely an electric plug had no connection, but it certainly felt like it. He stood up, tugged on his well-worn t-shirt and brushed a hand over his close-cropped hair.

“I’m standing in for his mom,” he said quickly. “She called and asked me to bring Robbie to you. She’s on her way. Oh, sorry–Detective Mark Mallory. I volunteer on Tuesday’s at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.” He wiped his hand on his jeans and reached it out to her.

“How do you do,” Cathy returned. She nodded her head and smiled.            “I heard there’s a new doctor taking over for Doc Smitty. Welcome to town.” He shook her hand, feeling foolish as she looked steadily up at him; her calm gray-blue eyes, heavily fringed with dark lashes, seemed to be taking his measure. Her lack of height failed to diminish her air of authority. He hadn’t expected such an attractive young woman to be standing in for old Doc Smith and belatedly regretted his sweaty T-shirt and well-worn jeans. Was that his big toe peeking out of his sneakers? How did that happen? He tried to tuck one shoe behind the other hoping she wouldn’t notice.

“How about we get you on a table so I can check that arm?” the doctor said, turning her attention to her patient. Doc Cathy led the way, Robbie trailing her slowly, as they all headed for the examining room.

She reached for the boy, her hand brushing against the detective’s, but Mallory preempted and easily lifted Robbie to the table. His nose registered a nice fragrance from the doctor’s hair, a clean, fresh fragrance with a hint of what? Flowers and a faint smell of some sort of antibacterial wash. Their shoulders brushed. He felt his interest sharpen as a smile grew on his face.

Quickly she leaned away, a faint, rosy wash of color mounting first her slender neck and then her fair cheeks. One tawny curl, which had escaped the severe hairstyle, lodged behind one shell pink ear and dangled casually. She brushed at it impatiently with one hand, but the curl persisted and settled back on her shoulder, as if in defiance to the austere bun on the back of her head. She turned to her nurse.

“Liz, would you call my home and explain to my aunt I’ll be late, please?” Cathy asked, a note of crispness entering her voice, as she sat down on the stool beside her exam table. “Now, little fellow, let me see that arm.” She held out her hands to the boy and favored him with an encouraging smile.

Robbie looked at her with suspicion but cautiously and carefully held out his arm.

“Owee!” He protested vigorously as Cathy gently manipulated the limb. She sighed as he wiped the tears from his eyes. The detective murmured to the boy and patted him on the back.

“I’m sorry, Robbie, but I suspect you have a small crack in your bone. We need to have an x-ray to be sure. There’s a place over on Elm Street that may still be open. Let me give them a call. Otherwise you’ll need to go to the emergency room at the hospital.” She excused herself while Mark consoled Robbie who toughed away his tears in spite of the pain in his arm.

“It didn’t hurt much,” he denied, while his friend comforted and praised him for his bravery.

Cathy made the call and turned back to the detective who was watching her.

“They’re closing, but they promised to wait for you if you go right over,” she said. He held her gaze, as if he were mesmerized by her words, while she seemed to struggle visibly to maintain her professional aplomb under his intense stare. She turned away shrugging one shoulder as if to wish him away.     

Oops, if that wasn’t a brush off, then my name isn’t Mark Mallory. Serves me right, but in my defense, I didn’t expect to find such a classy lady in the place of the old doc.

“I must get home for an important appointment, but I can meet you back here after they finish the x-ray. Tell the technicians to page me at home when they have the completed film. You can bring it back with you.” She handed him a card with her home phone number on it.

* * * *

           Driving home to Aunt Serena and little Elisa, who was hopefully to be her new foster child, Cathy reviewed her day, a quite extraordinary day. Meeting the congenial policeman put a smile on her face. He was one handsome man and…Now was no time to be distracted by a good looking detective even if it was obvious he spent time working out. Policemen probably needed well developed muscles to help them catch criminals—and to keep themselves healthy. She, a new, and maybe temporary foster parent (she didn’t know yet) needed to keep her thoughts centered. No time for flirting with the local police.

She was still astounded by her impulsive offer this morning to take charge of a four year old orphan in need of a foster home. She almost gasped at her own temerity, but the thought of providing urgent shelter to the tiny girl-child pleased her.

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 About the Author:

emma-booksigning-4-17Although Angels Abound is generic religious fiction, the author is frankly Episcopalian, who is usually found pounding the keys deep in Regency Romance or Cozy Mysteries. She calls Western NY her home and the study of plants and flowers her avocation. You can connect with Janis at her Website