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Christmas is a wonderful holiday, but sometimes we can get overwhelmed. Here’s a quick countdown of a few holiday snafus I experienced this year.

You might be overworked at Christmas if—

  • Number 6–You decorate the Christmas tree with as little stuff as possible and claim you’re going for an elegant less-is-more look. Poinsettias cut off an artificial bush and 50 foot of ribbon wrapped around the tree looks good to me and only took about half an hour!


  • Number 5–You plan the meal ahead, then you lose your menu and the cooking schedule, finding them less than an hour before the guests arrive. Thank goodness I did a lot of early prep work.
  • Number 4–Because you lost your menu list, you forget your son-in-law’s favorite dish and try to improvise at the last minute creating a rubbery version of the mac and cheese he loves so much. But he eats it anyway and says it’s wonderful. Gotta love a son-in-law like that.
  • Number 3–You need a full body massage after the 7-hour cookie-baking marathon, but you’re too tired to go to the spa and get one, so you tough it out.
  • Number 2–You send your Christmas cards and forget to put a recipient’s address on the envelope, but you remember to put on the return label, so you get the blank envelope back, highlighting your really, really dumb mistake.


And the number 1 indication you may be overworked at Christmas—you do number 2 more than once.


By now, the entre post office staff is probably  laughing at you. All you can do is laugh along with them. After all, laughter is the best medicine—for a whole lot of things.

Those are my Christmas mistakes. What funny holiday disasters can you add to this list?

Merry Christmas!

I Hope your holiday is full of fun, family, and love.