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a-ragency-christmas-collection2Today’s Christmas Read is an excerpt from Emma Lane’s A Regency Christmas Collection II, due out later this month. The first book in this collection series, A Regency Christmas Collection is currently available on Amazon. Here’s a quick blurb from each of the A Regency Christmas Collection II novellas, and an excerpt from A Vicount’s Second Chance.


A Viscount’s Second Chance — Whereas cold winds blow a hefty dose of karma to unite two star-crossed lovers.

The Duke’s Christmas Kissing Ball — Whereas a patient duke finally makes his move before a Yuletide celebration. He makes good use of the Kissing Ball.

An Earl’s Christmas Miracle –Whereas a snowy accident opens the eyes of a lonely lord to love.

The Skating Party — Whereas a duke is startled to face competition before he finally realizes how much he has to lose.

A Vicount’s Second Chance

By Emma Lane


“Sweet Amy! God in Heaven, how I have missed you! Why did you leave me?” He raised her hand and kissed it gently.

She could feel the warmth of his breath on her wrist as he kissed her there as well. He tugged her toward him until she was inches away. Her heart thudded in her chest until she thought it would leave her body. That nickname…Amy was his pet name for her so many years ago. She longed to relax in his arms. Perhaps just for one moment and then she would…

“Amy, Amy, just let me hold you. It’s been so long.” He enfolded her in a tight embrace, her head on his shoulder. Someone moaned a sound of pleasure, but which of them was guilty, she knew not. A thrill of happiness shot through her until she thought she would break apart. Finally, sanity returned and she pulled away.

He protested and tried to bring her back to him. “Oh, please. I have waited so long to hold you. Please, Amy.”

But she continued to firmly add space between them. She placed her fingers on his lips and soothed them. “Alex, I won’t deny I have feelings for you, but I won’t be anyone’s mistress. You ought to know that.”

A shock of surprise flashed across his handsome face.

“You left me and married another. What did you expect?” she declared vehemently, stood, and walked a ways away from him. Standing in front of the fireplace, she wrapped her arms around herself. Did she seek protection from him or her own feelings of vulnerability?

“Amy? You are aware I’ve been a widower for a couple of years now, aren’t you?” His voice was one of quiet but tight control, as if she were a child needing reassurance from a parent.

To read more about this book, and buy it when it comes out,  check out Emma’s Amazon Author Page

About the Author:


Emma Lane lives in Western New York where Winter is snowy, Spring arrives with rave reviews, Summer days are long and velvet, and Fall leaves are riotous in color. At long last she enjoys the perfect bow window for her desk where she is treated to a year-round panoramic view of nature. Her computer opens up a fourth fascinating window to the world.

She writes Regency Romance as Emma Lane, but delights in dipping into a Cozy Romantic Mystery (Janis Lane) in between sipping tea with sweet biscuits. A winter visit to the Southern US produces sweet romances set in Florida including nature photography and wild beasts that roam in the night.

She is also part owner of a “Herbtique and Plant Nursery” and will answer gardening questions at her website.  Connect with her and post gardening questions on her Facebook page or send her questions via email jan25@roadrunner.com