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nerds-unite-coverToday Wednesday Writers is welcoming D. R. Grady back to the blog with an excerpt from Nerds Unite and a bit about the story. I love the title she gave her excerpt: Leo Kisses Katie on the Lips.

So, D.R. tell us a bit about the book.


Thanks, Catherine.


Nerds Unite is a romantic story about best friend who fall in love. There are plenty of romantic stories about best friends who fall in love. Nerds Unite is one of those stories. These two characters, who become instant best friends from the moment they meet, are incredible people and their journey to a committed relationship is different from the typical best-friends-who-fall-in-love trope.

What if Katy and Leo were dating all along and didn’t know it? This question intrigued me. I didn’t want the usual best friends story where they’re afraid of ruining their friendship. They do experience a little of that, but not for long.

The challenge was to offer their story in such a way that two smart, professional people who aren’t aware of their relationship at first is believable. Family and friends are well aware this pair are dating. Leo and Katy are not, but why don’t they know? What is preventing them from realizing their relationship is different from what they first perceived?

It takes Katy being threatened by a stalker for Leo’s protective instincts to be yanked to forefront and their relationship begins to change. Join these two amazing people on their amazing road to love by picking up your copy of Nerds Unite!


Thanks, D. R. And here’s the excerpt!



“We made it.” Katy was impressed when he parked in the doctor’s parking area and they clambered out.

“What did you think would happen?” Suspicion clouded his question.

“We made it on time,” she clarified.

“Oh, right. I usually do.”

“Yeah, but I was there slowing you down.”

He paused. “You know, I have noticed your tendency to ignore time.”

“Funny.” She smiled up at him before locating her SUV. “I’ll hopefully see you at lunch.”

“Where are you going?” He followed her to the vehicle.

“I see patients this morning.” She placed her bags inside. “And I operate this afternoon.”

“So a long day again for you?”

“Only if there are complications.”

He nodded, and bent to plant a kiss on her lips.

Leo headed toward the hospital entrance. She was left to stare after him, open-mouthed.

Leo just kissed me on the lips.

Shouldn’t that be odd? Shouldn’t he turn around, all startled that he had just kissed her? On the lips, like couples did?

So what? I kissed him on the lips this morning.

When that little thought infringed, it drew her up short. She had kissed him this morning. It was a good morning kiss. A hello, I’m glad to see you this morning sort of greeting. His kiss now was a type of see-you-later salute.

Was it personal?

She was so stunned she could only gawp blankly at Trixi who stopped right in front of her and actually waved a hand in her face.

Katy blinked. “Have you ever, in all our years together, kissed me on the lips?”

Behind Trixi, Mark seemed quite interested in her answer.

“No, not in all our years of living together.”

That’s what I thought. Katy blinked at the entrance of the hospital.

“Where did this come from?” Trixi smiled, as if she already knew.

Since Katy had no idea, she couldn’t answer the question. When she glanced up, she noticed Mark and Trixi share a knowing look. Glowering at both of them did nothing but increase their smirks.

“Have we landed on a different planet?”

“Not that I’m aware.” Trixi didn’t appear concerned.

Finally figuring out she had no idea what was going on, Katy climbed into her vehicle and shot a bemused look at the two smirkers before she fired up the engine. She backed out of the parking spot to head to her office. Her brain churned in an attempt to figure out why Leo had kissed her. And why she had kissed him.

After she parked at the temporary office, she wondered why Trix and Mark didn’t ask her why she was at the hospital, since she was scheduled to be at her office. Did they know she spent the night at Leo’s? There was no way they could have known.

With more questions knocking around her head than answers, Katy hoped this wasn’t the precursor to a nasty headache.

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ABout the Author:

d-r-grady-photoD.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes, and writing stories that resonate with others.

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