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Unique Garden Borders

License plates aren’t just for cars anymore.
For years I’ve seen old license plates used as décor in basement rec rooms and as metal wallpaper in garages.This summer, at Disney World, I discovered a use for these metal plates gardeners might find intriguing: flowerbed borders.


We were in Dino World at the Animal Kingdom when I spotted these definitely rustic, and rusty, gems, making a row of boxwood evergreen tidy in a gravel bed.


Gravel is a big factor in my garden. I have gravel paths and have filled the back gully with gravel. In fact, I’m getting ready to turn some sloped vegetable beds that I can no longer get into because of back issues, into level bed that I will be placing self-watering pots in. But that’s another post. Anyway, I just had to take a picture of the license-plate borders and share them with my garden friends.

Buried halfway into the ground the metal acts as a barrier to weed roots that might creep into the flowerbed. Unlike plastic borders, the metal is strong enough to hold back gravel, dirt, and mulch. When used on a hillside they would be easier to install than heavy stone walls. The ready-made holes, used to attach the plates to cars, provide a simple way to secure the plates together with screws so they don’t fall down like plastic borders are prone to do.


The Disney gardeners even used the plates to border the inside of the boxwoods and filled that area with gravel as well. A clever way to keep down weeds and make the boxwoods look tidy.


Of course, this rustic look might not be right for every garden, but I thought it ingenious enough to share, in case you’ve got access to a lot of old license plates.

What about you? Do you have some unique border material you’ve used in your gardens? I’d love to hear about it.

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