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Today Wednesday Writers Welcomes Karen Rossi to the blog. Karen will be telling us the story behind the story of her Women’s Inspirational Beyond Forgiveness. So, Karen, tell us how Beyond Forgiveness was born.




Thanks, Catherine.

richhill-churchSeveral years ago I was down in the community hall of the Finnish Church we belong to. On the wall were photos of past ministers, confirmation classes, etc. One pastor was really handsome, and the story idea came to me of a woman who falls in love with the photo. I also wanted to explore the subject of forgiveness: how difficult it is for people to forgive themselves. I figured for a minister it must be doubly difficult. I spoke with the pastor about it and he said that is absolutely right. Ministers find it very difficult to forgive themselves. However, it seemed to me that if one believes in God and in His infinite love, forgiveness comes with it. So why would a pastor find it so difficult? Because of hubris, of course: because they expect themselves to be above the rest of the “common sinners”. They must learn humility and to accept God’s forgiveness.

The book took a long time to write and some aspects of it have changed over the years, but the theme has remained the same.


Blurb for “Beyond Forgiveness”     


Katharine Wilder is devastated when her young daughter is arrested for suspected shoplifting. She wants Maggie involved in wholesome activities, so they join a church, where Katharine falls in love with Brad Scott, the beloved and respected minister. But she is frustrated and puzzled when he won’t let their relationship evolve beyond friendship.

Brad harbors a terrible secret and feels he is beyond forgiveness for his past heinous actions involving a woman. His fight to stop himself from falling in love with Katharine is in direct conflict with her goal to win his love.

Interested in reading more?

You can find Beyond Forgiveness currently at CreateSpace , Amazon, and over time the book will span out to other sites.


About the Author:

kaarina-brooks2Kaarina Rossi, aka Kaarina Brooks, is a retired elementary school teacher, was born in Finland and came to Canada as a child with her parents and older sister. The sisters had their own “publishing company” and wrote and illustrated several books of poetry and short stories.

Kaarina translated The Kaleva: Tales of Magic and Adventure, and translated and illustrated three books of Finnish folk tales for children. Numerous poems, articles, and short stories have appeared in magazines, literary journals and anthologies. She self-published a bilingual book of poetry, It’s the FINN in Me, and an ABC of Finland Coloring Book.

Kaarina writes romance novels under her pen name, Karen Rossi, and recently launched her own publishing company: Wisteria Publications. This time it’s for real!

You can find Karen at her website.