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Gardens Inspire My Writing


Gardens are eye chocolate and inspirational caffeine for my writing heart. I tend my own garden mostly for the sake of the inspirational beauty it provides around my home. Beauty inspires, calms, and fills me with joy. If I were given a choice between going on a shopping trip or a garden tour, I’d pick the tour every time. And if I had to choose between a vegetable garden and a flower garden, I’d pick a flower garden because I’d rather starve my body than my soul.

IMG_7489Cottage gardens are my favorite style because you can grow both food and flowers together, and I also love quaint little old character houses surrounded by mature perennials, shrubs, trees, and all things floral.




IMG_6992My imagination and cozy factor get fired up when I peek over the fence of an old-timer property rich with history and charm. I find myself wondering who first loved this home and what the owner’s life was like.

Time in a garden fills my inkwell to the brim. How do gardens inspire you? What’s your favorite kind of garden?


In the Garden


In the garden I like to go

For a break from daily chores

To dream of places far away

Of flowers grown on foreign shores


In the garden I like to escape

Into a land of make believe

And pretend I’m a princess in distress

Waiting for my Knight of relief


In the garden I like to be

Away from the hustle and bustle of life

As just a writer on her knees

Planting and growing stories to write.

Wendy/ 2016


About the Author:

IMG_3037Wendy L. Macdonald is a Canadian, inspirational writer/blogger who also loves to photograph nature. When she’s not writing, drawing, or gardening, she enjoys hiking in the beautiful parks of the Comox Valley with her husband of 32 years. She homeschooled her children and believes all those years of reading aloud helped develop her love of storytelling and writing. Wendy invites you to visit her blog where you will find nature photography, memoir style posts, and links to her” Daily Bread” style Facebook page etc. at www.wendylmacdonald.com