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New Flower Gardens


Once again my husband, Al, and I are on the move. We recently sold our house in the country and purchased a house in the city three doors down from my daughter. We decided it was time to downsize and, since I’m home alone a lot, I needed to be near people. I’m excited about the move, but hate the idea of moving. So much to pack – even after getting rid of junk. Once we get in our new house, and see what I need, I can probably get rid of more.

One of the things I’m so looking forward to is that this is the first house I have EVER lived in where there are already existing flower beds. It’s been about two weeks since I’ve been in the back yard, so I don’t quite remember what she has planted (plus most things weren’t up yet), but I plan on digging up some of my plants from where I live and transplant them. I was so excited to see a lilac bush in the backyard, I nearly did a cartwheel down the sidewalk. There is also a gorgeous flowering crab in the front yard.

I’m trying to decide which of my containers to plant before the move. I’m afraid if I wait until after June 30th when we close, there won’t be much to choose from in the garden centers. Once my husband and I get back from vacation, I’ll pick up several flats and plant them. That will give them a good start before we move – that is if I can find the time. I found a bucket of daisy seeds I collected last year, so I plan on spreading a few of those. I guess it’s a tradition for me whenever we move.

One of the other things I’m looking forward to is gardening with my grandkids. Since they live only three doors down, it’ll be easier to have them over to help me. They love to plant—their mother, not so much. It was too hard to get them to where we live now to help plant.

I thought I’d post a few pictures of my flower beds here. My bleeding heart plant was doing so well, but then we have a major frost and it was ruined. I’ll miss my gardens here, but I’m excited to start anew.



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My pictureTina Susedik looks forward each year to the first blooms of spring. When she’s not gardening, she writes sensual romantic mysteries and has developed one that involves flowers – of course. She lives in Northern  Wisconsin, where there have been too many years where late frosts have taken out the tulips and lilacs. For more information on Tina go to tinasusedik.com