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Black Thumbs and Roses

by Erin Bevan

I’ll be completely honest. I’m not much of a gardener. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy pretty flowers as much as the next person, but when it comes to making them grow and thrive, that job is best left to someone else.

My husband and I have owned two houses in our life. Both have come with enormous amounts of flowerbeds. Living in our first house should have tipped me off not to buy our second home. Our current house has fence-to-fence flowerbeds, and we live on a corner lot. Pretty much every single side of our home, and all the edges of our land are covered in flowerbeds. The only things I can keep alive are our roses, and we’ve gotten several compliments on them. Maybe there is hope for me yet!

Everything else is left to God. If it survives great, if it doesn’t, well let’s just say I keep some of the local landscaping services in business.

But, despite my black thumb, I turned my spare bedroom upstairs into an office, and I positioned the desk just so I can see out the window and into the garden. Our kids love to play in the small garden path in our back yard, and there is something about sunshine and flowers that is medicine to my soul.


About the Author:

wedding day covererin bevan picErin Bevan is a wife and mother of three. She enjoys filling her kitchen with fresh flowers, and loves the inviting and sweet aroma they release. An avid reader, one day she decided to try her luck in writing stories of her own, and the idea paid off. She spends her days deep in the heart of Texas, fighting mosquitoes, cleaning dirty faces, and writing contemporary romances when the kids nap. The heat levels of her books range from her super sweet book Text Me to sensual romances. Wedding Day, an edgy, sweet, closed-door romance, with some mild language, is her newest release.