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SofisBridge_w11814_750Today Wednesday Writers featured author is multi-award-winning author Christine Lindsay. Christine will be telling us about some ancestral history that has influenced her books. Welcome, Christine!




by Christine Lindsay


There are a lot of things my ancestors did, so that I don’t have to look far for good material for a story. One of the accomplishments I’m proud of is they actually built the RMS Titanic. Not all by themselves, I admit, but my great-great grandfather and his son (my grandfather) were both riveters in the shipyard in Belfast, N. Ireland. In fact, my paternal grandfather’s first ship when he started as a 14-year-old apprentice was that very ship that was struck by an iceberg and went down in 1912.

However . . . as a family we accept no responsibility for the sinking of that infamous ship. All sounds rather hoity-toity, but I assure you most people who hail from N. Ireland had relatives who worked in the Belfast shipyard.

I always knew that one day I would write about those riveters like my great grandfather who built those liners. Always a dangerous trade, 5 to 8 casualties a year in the shipyard was considered acceptable back at when Titanic was launched. Thank God things have changed.

But as I started to write the story, I realized I didn’t want to write another Titanic novel, so I took the research that I’d done on riveters and placed it into another historical setting completely, that of building steel bridges in the same era but over here in North America, and the dangers of that trade.

Based on my research I wrote the following piece for the historical romance Sofi’s Bridge that shows the dangerous ballet of a riveter whether it be in shipbuilding or that of bridges.


“Watching the riveter’s ballet of throwing white-hot steel always made Neil’s stomach harden to a lump.

Neil picked out his brother, Jimmy, from among the men on the bridge deck, and expelled a long sigh. Working on those meager platforms hanging over the side, one slip, one fumble from that height…and a man could die.

On the deck, Jimmy rapped his elongated tongs against the cone-shaped catcher can, waiting for the man known as the heater. The heater sent Jimmy a nod and thrust the peg of steel into the portable cast iron forge. When the peg of metal glowed to a molten white, he pitched it forward. Jimmy caught it in the catcher can and inserted the glowing rivet into a hole in the girder. With the same concentration Neil would use with a scalpel, Jimmy waited for the bucker to place his buckling tool against the head of the rivet, and for the riveter to hammer it home.”


Like most people, I’m proud of my ancestry on both my mother and my father’s side. My mother’s family military history in India inspired my multi-award-winning historical trilogy Twilight of the British Raj, but my father’s history inspired Sofi’s Bridge which will be released May 1, 2016.


Sofi’s Bridge


Seattle Debutant Sofi Andersson will do everything in her power to protect her sister who is suffering from shock over their father’s death. Charles, the family busy-body, threatens to lock Trina in a sanatorium—a whitewashed term for an insane asylum—so Sofi will rescue her little sister, even if it means running away to the Cascade Mountains with only the new gardener Neil Macpherson to protect them. But in a cabin high in the Cascades, Sofi begins to recognize that the handsome immigrant from Ireland harbors secrets of his own. Can she trust this man whose gentle manner brings such peace to her traumatized sister and such tumult to her own emotions? And can Neil, the gardener continue to hide from Sofi that he is really Dr. Neil Galloway, a man wanted for murder by the British police? Only an act of faith and love will bridge the distance that separates lies from truth and safety.


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ChristineLindsayChristine Lindsay is the author of multi-award-winning Christian trilogy Twilight of the British Raj, Book 1 Shadowed in Silk, Book 2 Captured by Moonlight, and Veiled at Midnight. Christine’s Irish wit is evident in her contemporary romance Londonderry Dreaming and in her newest release Sofi’s Bridge. This fun-loving author and her husband live on the west coast of Canada. Coming August 2016 is the release of Christine’s non-fiction Finding Sarah—Finding Me: A Birthmother’s Story.






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