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HEALING-Soulmate 805_805x1275 (3)Today Wednesday Writers Welcomes back D.R. Grady, author of The Dragon Chronicles, YA fantasy romance series. Today, D.R. will be talking about a subject all romance readers and writers revel in—love, and the different journey love took her in her latest book Healing. Be sure to read to the bottom of the post for the excerpt from Healing, the third book in her Dragon Chronicle Series.

Thanks, Catherine.

People recognize love when we see it. We might smile at the sight of a couple, especially one newly in love, gazing into the other’s eyes as they clasp hands, bodies leaning into each other. Young love is beautiful. So is the love of a couple who have been together so many years that now age spots dot their skin. Yet they still lean into each other, still gaze into each other’s eyes with secret smiles.

Both of these scenarios are precious to us. To see young love with so much hope, all that promise waiting to unfold within the encroaching years. And older love that has endured and is stronger than the two individuals who have shaped and formed it over time. Their love has fulfilled the promise of their youth.

We love to see romantic love.

Yet this books series took me in a slightly different direction. There is plenty of romantic love here, but over the years, I’ve been humbled and awed by other types of love as well. The love a parent has for their child especially.

You might not find a love so powerful as this one. Parents sacrifice all the time for their children—with a smile on their face. Because what they feel for their offspring can’t be expressed in words. It only becomes evident in their choices. A parent’s love runs so deep and is so abiding it can move them to access potential they never knew they possessed.

Another precious form of love is that of someone who has experienced a loss. Just because someone has died doesn’t mean we don’t carry them in our hearts.

Love might be the only thing that could make us do something we don’t want to do, or wouldn’t ordinarily consider. To go against our instincts, but we keep going, because of a single, powerful emotion.

Love is what keeps Lindy and Alex on course, as they face a nasty enemy no one else can. It inspires them, with the help of Ewain, Marissa, Keely, and Hugh, as well as the entire school, to keep fighting. To keep going, despite the odds. Only love can do so.

Love gets us out of bed when we’re achy, sore, and feverish, because life is more about the people around us than about us. It inspires us, compels us, and in the long run, helps us make choices we won’t regret. So keep loving, and don’t forget to tell those you love how you feel.


The dragon Chronicles 


HEALING-Soulmate 805_805x1275 (3)


“Of course I know, but I drank two bottles of tea.”

Rolling his eyes, Ewain scooped her out of the bed. He was all hard muscle and strength and his scent enveloped her. She inhaled deeper and deeper. Her body settled against his as though they’d been doing this for years. No guilt seeped in when she looped her arms around his neck. She did need to hang on, after all. So what if she surreptitiously groped his amazing shoulders? The man was finely made.

“Where’s the nearest bathroom?” Lindy trailed behind them.

Ewain turned toward a door further down the hall. “I can help her.”

“Yes, you could. But I’m going to.” Lindy used a tone he immediately backed down from.

Marissa smiled up at him, because she had to. He stumbled. “Don’t do that.” His voice sounded a little disgruntled.

“Do what?” Had her smile just made him stumble? No way. She didn’t possess such power.

His eyes narrowed.

Her breathing hitched.

Make certain to try that smile on him again. Only not in front of witnesses.

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