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Covenkeepers1600x2400Today Wednesday Writers welcomes Denise Gwen who will be sharing a bit about the back story of her YA Paranormal Adventure book Covenkeepers. I hopped over to Amazon and read the first few pages of the book. For those who like fiction stories about magic, spells, and paranormal creatures, Covenkeepers promises to be an enchanted adventure. So, welcome, Denise. Please tell us about the story behind your book.




Covenkeepers is the only story I have ever written and shared with my son. He was a little boy when I first wrote it, and every evening, over a period of weeks, he and I sat down together on the sofa in our family room so that I could read aloud to Nathaniel a chapter from my novel.

It gave me such joy to share with him my story of little Maddie, an apprentice witch from Salem, Massachusetts, who alights in a small town in Ohio, with her familiar, Malamar, a lazy, ginger cat, and the hijinks that happen as she and her family fight off the evil warlock who has pursued them from the coven in Salem, Massachusetts.

Nathaniel listened raptly as I read the story aloud to him, laughing with every one of Maddie’s hijinks and thrilling to every cliff-hanger.


Thanks for sharing with us, Gwen. And now, here’s the blurb for Covenkeepers.


By Denise Gwen


Maddie wants to get her father out of the deep carbonite freeze that Ezekiel, the warlock of Salem Castle, has imprisoned him into. Maddie, her mother, her nana, and her sister, flee in the dark of night and find a temporary home in an abandoned nursing home in the sleepy burg of Batavia, Ohio.

As Maddie works on ways to rescue her father, she is besieged with problems of her own. The abandoned nursing home they’re living in is haunted, and Maddie is attacked, first by a horde of mice, then by poisonous spiders. What in the world is going on?

And what will it take to get Maddie’s family back together?

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About the Author:

cropped Image904Denise Gwen has been writing for years, and CovenKeepers was one of her favorite stories to write.